Lyla Says

July 2017 

December 2016 
After falling and hurting her crotch
Lyla: Ow! Ow! My nuts! 

December 2016 
At horse riding lessons
Erin (their instructor): Okay girls. What do we call a girl horse? 
Lyla: A Vagina. 

June 2016
 (To me)"Your face is to tan. It looks like poop."

June 2016
This is not something specific Lyla has said but I had to document. She talks to everyone! Most of the time it is pretty cute but every once in a while she is a little too curious. When we are at stores she asks all kinds of questions. "Do you have kids? Why are you wearing that? Do you have any pets?" as well as just letting them know what she is planing for the day, "I'm going to watch Bambi tonight. Do you like Bambi?" I need to keep track better of all the conversations she has with strangers because I have never seen a little kids chat with adults so comfortably. 

June 2016
Mom did you watch tummy willies when you were young?

May 2016
(At Church during testimony meeting)
Lyla: That is an OLD woman! 
Me: Shhh. You shouldn't say that.
Lyla: Why
Me: Because it is mean
Lyla; Bus she is SOOOO OLD!
Me: Well, it might be true but you don't say is cause it sounds mean. 
Lyla: (after thinking about it) She is a NICE, OLD lady. 

December 2015
After breaking one of my lambs from my nativity, I told Lyla I was upset with her because she knew she wasn't supposed to play with that nativity set. She told me, "Mom, you cant be mad at me. It was all Sadie's idea"

December 2015
Lyla: I want a hooker for Christmas
Me: Wha?! Wait. What? What is a hooker (she can't possibly know what a hooker is?!)
Lyla: You know. Something to hang up my purses. A hooker!

June 2015
Lyla: (To Jared) You are kinda fat. 
Me: Lyla that was not nice. 
Lyla: (To me) Well, you are fat TOO. 

April 2015
Your beanbag hurt my feelings!

April 2015
Today in sacrament meeting (and very loudly) you told Devin he had a big tummy. Then you told me I had big boobies.

April 2015
Today you told me you wanted a care bear hug.

October 2014
Today Ian asked Lyla who her nest friend was. She told him "Karrah."

September 2014
(To me) "I'm not your best friend anymore AND you can't sleep in my room anymore."

September 2014
"I'm so tired of you."
and today she told me she hated me (for the first time).

June 2014
When Lyla gets mad at me she tells me "you aren't my best friend anymore!"

May 2014
Whenever I put a shirt on Lyla she gets mad at me and tells me "You are making my hair crazy!"

May 2014
(To me) You are weird.

May 2014
Today at Disneyland you met some princesses. When you met Aurora she asked you what your favorite thing to do was. You told her your favorite thing was to go potty.

January 2014
Lyla is always telling Devin to go to his room, or get in time out. She also blames him for everything.

January 2014
On the way home from church
Me: Lyla did you have fun in nursery?
Lyla: YES!!
Me: Did you get some snacks?
Lyla: YES!
Me: Oh yeah. What did you eat?
Lyla: We ate boogers!

October 2013
Lyla loves being independent. All the time she tells us, "I do it."

September  2013
Lyla and Amy's son AJ have a cute little friendship. She gets so excited when she sees him. She calls him "A A."

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