Adalynn Says...

June 2017
At a restaurant Lyla spills a ton of her milkshake all over and I say, "Shit." (I know! I'm terrible! I got home late from Houston, then drove to St. George then had to go back home so I was tired and the kids were fighting so I was frustrated!)
Adalynn looks at me appalled. "MOM. I am telling dad!" 
Me (annoyed): oh my gosh! Dad won't care. 
Adalynn: NO. I am telling YOUR dad! 

November 2016
Devin told me "Some people say I talk funny."
Adalynn states "Well, I like the way you talk!" 
(This was just so sweet to me! It sorta broke my heart and then immediately my heart swelled with so much love for these two. I love that Adalynn took something that Devin struggles with and said something so kind. They can sure fight and get on each others nerves, but they really do love each other)

March 2016

April 2014

November 2014
I cant remember how the conversation started but I asked Adalynn and Lyla if they would be sad if I died. Adalyn said "Yes. Who would brush my hair and paint my nails?"

November 2014
I told the kids that Sadie will never have babies. Adalynn asked, "Why can't she have babies? It is because she is not married, huh?"

Even though you are bad at stuff, I still love you.

July 2014 I look hideous?

July 2014
To her friend "My Grandpa makes the best apple pie ever!"
and later
"My Aunt gives me piggy back rides whenever I want. And she has LOTS of lipstick and she even gave me some. She is the best aunt ever!"

June 2014
Adalynn told me she wanted a piece of white broccoli for dinner (aka cauliflower)

May 2014
Adalynn: Mom. You are the sweetest mom I've ever had.

October 2013
When I get upset with Adalynn she asks me "Do you even love me anymore?!"

October 2013
I changed my mind. I don't want to marry Rex or Brennan. I found someone else and he is very handsome.
(I asked her who and she told me Joseph. I asked her if it was Joseph from playgroup and she told me no, it was another Joseph.)

October 2013
Today the lady at Costco told us as of November 1st they would no longer be selling churros. You cried.

October 2013
Addie referred to her stitches as "itches." She is always telling people, I had seven itches.

October 2013
"Devin. Close your window. No one wants to hear your crying."

August 2013
 I love my whole family!! And Devin only a little bit.

August 2013
(very offended) Mom! Devin called that beautiful sunset dirty!

August 2013
Mom. I have two talents. Roller-skating and playing with barbies.

August 2013
"Mom...that guy looks just like Uncle Josh"
(referring to the guy at H & M who rung us up. He was bald and African American).

August 2013
While we were in AZ Adalynn got a blister. I told her, her skin might fall off a little but it will grow back. She looked very worried and said "My skin is going to fall off! I am going to be a freak!"

July 2013
After bragging to Devin that she got the last cookie  I told Addie she was rude. Her response, "Fine. I am going to poke you in the eye then."

June 2013
(really disgusted) Mom. At the baseball game they were selling beer!

June 2013
After drinking a sip of some orange Fanta "This is spicy!"
(Actually Devin and Adalynn do this a lot. If something is sour they will tell me it is spicy...or too hot (temperature) is spicy. Every time they use it in the wrong context it cracks me up.)

June 2013
To Devin "You dirty 'ol rat!"

May 2013
This isn't really something Addie said, but Jared and I both want to remember it. Adalynn is one of the most social and happy kids I have ever met. She loves people and kids and makes friends anywhere and everywhere. She is the opposite of shy. When we go to the park, she finds friends. When we are at the store or a restaurant she talks to other kids and makes friends. Sometimes they are her age, but often they are younger or older, and it doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl. The other day Jared took the kids to the park and she was playing with a girl, maybe 8 or 9. As Jared and the kids were leaving the girl's dad came up to Jared to invite Addie to her birthday party that Saturday. The girl really wanted Addie to come! I had to laugh that strangers were inviting her to birthday parties. Things like that happen all the time. I love this about her. It is one of her strengths. She reminds me of my mom. I hope it never changes.

May 2013
I only caught the end of this conversation, but it went something like this...
Jared: I made you...
Adalynn: No you did not! Heavenly Father made me.

We were watching America's Funniest Home Videos and there was a really nasty video of a baby spitting up (it was gross! the spit up came out of his mouth and nose and there was a lot!) I said something like, "Oh that is so gross!" Addie missed it and made me rewind so she could see. After she saw it she was almost in tears and asked me, "Why did you show me that!? Now I have it in my head!"

April 2013
I wish we had a beautiful backyard with birdies and nice scorpions.

April 2013
After I had to put Lyla in time out.

March 2013
How many teenagers are eating with us tonight?
Me: What do you mean teenagers?
Adalynn: You know, you and dad.

July 2012 
Me: Adalynn, your shoes smell nasty! 
Adalynn (after putting her foot up to her nose and taking a whiff): Yeah. But just a little nasty

July 2012 
While making cupcakes for the scouts, and right as I was opening the frosting, you said, "Lets open this baby up!" 

July 2012 
After telling me you didn't like what I made for dinner, I told you to just try it. After one bite, you said, "I totally like this." 

June 2012
"I had a terrible dream last night!"

April 2012 
Adalynn calls candles "lamps." Makes me laugh every time.

April 2012
At the dinner table after spitting out a piece of broccoli (which she normally loves). 
Me: Why did you spit that out. 
Adalynn: Because it hurt my feelings

December 14, 2011
Leaving target
"Mom. I saw a police officer. And it was a girl police officer. AND SHE DIDN'T PUT ME IN JAIL!"
(This is my fault. Sometimes when the kids are fighting in the car I tell them I see a police car and if they don't stop fighting the police officer is going to put them in jail. And I might have told Devin he could be thrown in jail for not cleaning his room.)

December 2011
Adalynn does this new things where she tells me she loves things. For instance, after picking out some Wonder Pets underwear, she told me, "Oh I love those." Or in the car she likes to point out different colored cars and she will tell me, "I love blue cars." Even the most random things, like a pair of plain white socks, "I love those socks!" She does it all the time and it isn't so much what she says, but how she says it that cracks me up.

November 2011
The other day we were singing If You're Happy and you Know it. After maybe two verses Adalynn exclaimed, "This song makes me HAPPY!" 

November 2011
That one was directed at me. And she ran after she said it. She knew she was in trouble.

November  2011
After Devin touched her reindeer, 
To me "Ne-nin touched my reindeer."
To Devin "How dare you!!" 

November 2011
When we get mad at Adalynn she gets all sad and tells us "You don't love me anymore." She says this all the time.

November 2011
Lately when Adalynn seems something at the store she likes, she puts her hands over her heart and gasps, "Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE it!!"

August 29, 2011
After I cut up a peach.
"Thank you! You are the best mommy EVER!"

August 2011
Now when Adalynn gets into trouble, she asks us (with tears in her eyes) "Why don't you love me anymore?

August 2011
Devin made Adalynn mad the other day so she told him "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!" 
Later that night Jared took the kids to Smiths to get treats and on the way home the kids had this conversation...
Adalynn: Can I have one (of your treats) Devin?
Devin: No. You told me you don't love me anymore. 
Adalynn: I love you now! 

August 2, 2011
We were at Costco and waiting to get a sample. Some lady swooped in and took the last one and Adalynn screamed 
"HEY. SHE TOOK THE LAST ONE!" The lady totally heard her and I started laughing because I can't tell you how many times I thought the same exact thing.

July 2011
Me: Lets go you guys! 
Adalynn: I have to put my make up on first!!!

July 2011
(To Devin) Don't whip the baby, Indiana Jones!

June 30, 2011
While holding Lyla, "I love her!"
Then later, when I was nursing Lyla...
"Why is she eating your boobie?!?!

March 25, 2011
Today in sacrament meeting you loudly told me, "I have teeny tiny boobies. Daddy has teeny tiny boobies. Devin has teeny tiny boobies. Mommy has big, big boobies." 

January 2010
Today I (barely) spanked you and you started crying and went in the corner and said, "My bootie! My bootie! My bootie hurts!" 

December 24th
I don't know why but today you told me a lot, "Leave me alone." Merry Christmas to you too, Addie!

December 2010
The whole month I had been really sick and all the time you would come up to me and say, "What wrong Mom?" 
Me: I am sick.
Addie: Baby in your tummy? 
Me: Yes. 
Addie: Ooohhhh. It be okay. 
Then you rub my arm or pat my head. 
I love my sweet little girl 

October 26, 2010
Any time I sing to you on the car, you tell me "No sing me that!" 
And I want to tell you, "It's your own fault for sticking pennies in the cd player and ruining our radio." 

October 22, 2010
This happened a while ago, but I still want to remember it. The other day I was looking at some pictures when I came across a picture I took of the Bellagio. You looked at it and said, "Temple!"