Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Break 2018

We were in Vegas Monday and Tuesday then left for Arizona on Wednesday. 
Tashina and I took the kids to Mini Grand Prix on Monday. They have go carts, a few rides and arcade games. After that, we got drinks at Fiiz.  
Tuesday morning, we drove down to Summerlin to see Levi's new office. 
Their office is so cute. They did a lego theme which was a big hit with my kids.

I took the kids to Sherlock Gnomes in the afternoon. 

The next day, we left for Arizona. 
My parents have cute baby pigs right now. Adalynn was pretty good at catching them. 

Playing in the yard

This is Susie. 

Johnny and Josy came up with with the boys and the kids all had a great time playing together. 
They made rice crispy eggs. 

These two are so cute together! They used to fight all the time but thankfully grew out it is and are now great friends! 

My dad and I took the kids on a 4-wheeler ride through the forest and made our way to the Sonic on the indian reservation. 

After Sonic, we had an egg hunt.

Tristan is such a cute little guy. He is so mellow and happy! 

The next day we went out to lunch and then went bowling. 

This is Rowdy. 
Playing with bubbles

Friday night Jen came up with Bruce, Mike and his daughters. We had another egg hunt Saturday morning. 

Getting sprayed by Grandpa

We had lunch, then the kids and I left for home. 

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