Monday, May 28, 2018


Lyla taking Sadie for a walk, in the rain, in her flower girl dress 

Teacher Appreciation Week 
I skipped Monday. 
Tuesday they got cake...

Wednesday, Lyla's teacher got lip balm (Addie has a male teacher and I thought lip balm was kinda girly)
Thursday I did chips, salsa and cheese. Can you tell I love a good pun? 

 The week before I sent a little questionnaire to school asking the teachers what their favorite treats, drinks, restaurants and stores are. So Friday we gave them a bag full of their favorite things.

Activity Day Recognition Night 
Our activity day leader is amazing and put on a really special night for the girls. Adalynn was asked to play Dorothy and give a short talk. She did a great job. 

Her leader made one of these for each girl

Adalynn's volleyball pictures

Speaking of volleyball! Adalynn team took first place at their tournament. It was so exciting. This season has been quite different and somewhat challenging. We bumped her up to the elite league, which is more competitive. Adalynn didn't play as much this season and learned that she really had to work to improve. Her strengths are definitely her serves. She gets them over almost every time. She played a lot during the tournament. The first team they played was a lot better than us, but we won. Then we played a team that has beat us twice before and again, we beat them. It was stressful, and exciting! 
Here are a few pictures from after the game. They were so happy! 

 A little gift for the teachers for the last day of school

Lyla's soccer party 
 Our first time at Bahama Bucks and my first time playing chutes and ladders

 Last soccer game 

 Devin had half days the last week of school so we got sushi (which has become a tradition). 

 Honestly, I thought I hated sushi. But I think the trick is to find what you like. This roll for instance, was really good! 
 Volleyball party 
Adalynn's coach's wife made one of these for all the girls. 
 Last day of school
Lyla with Ms. Hunter
Adalynn with Mr. Diaz
 Saw this at Target and it made me smile. Miranda is my best friend from high school. 
 Our neighbors are moving! Which made the last day of school kinda sad. We will miss these sweet kids!

 Took the kids to see Solo. Jared bought me this little Han Solo action figure when we were dating and he has been in my car ever since. I liked the movie....I was sure I wouldn't because no one will ever hold a candle to Harrison Ford. But I enjoyed it. 

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Chris & Christine said...

So cute! You are so creative! I totally slack at Teacher Appreciation. I did 2 days this year...but definitely not as cute as you!