Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Astro Camp

Adalynn went to Astro camp in March. It is an overnight camp (in California) for 4th graders. This post will be written by Adalynn 

At first we boarded the bus and head to Barstow to get breakfast.  
This is me and my group
       We found Ronald McDonald and sat on him. After that we got on the bus and arrived at AstroCamp.
            We ate lunch and played human Foosball. It was fun--our team won.
 We loved human Foosball
We played games with our instructor. In this game we had to place ourself in the month of our birthdays without talking.
We ate dinner
 These are some girls in my group
We had this class with liquid nitrogen. We had lays potato chips and we put them in the liquid nitrogen and of course our rule at AstroCamp is you eat with your mouth open. Cold air came out of your mouth after you ate the chip.  
Just starting to build
Other ideas     
 Our last finishing touches
 The kids that went to AstroCamp
Some of my friends...the ones in the Astro Camp shirt were the ones we shared a dorm with.
        Another rainy day
My favorite part the SKY COASTER. So what happens is they lift you up so high and you pull this rope and you start to fall and you swing back and forth.

                                  We saw lots of deer and a whole herd of them
At one point we saw a coyote during zip lining 
One the days we built rockets
Getting ready to launch our rockets
We were launching them and the girls right behind me played games which I thought was funny.
 Building our windmills We got up to 20 miles per hour

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