Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Every Saturday we have a soccer game, followed by a volleyball and basketball game. It is a lot of fun watching them play and improve. 
Devin insisted he could carry all the chairs by himself. 

Lyla and her friend Hailey during halftime.

 Made some treats after church on Sunday

The leprechaun came again this year and left treats (and made a few messes). 

Made some bunny bait for our drive to AZ

Cell phone pics
One Saturday Garth and Kristi drove down for a BYU game. We had great seats and got to get pictures with Cosmo. 

Adalynn went to Astro Camp! She is planning on blogging about it as soon as I load all the pictures. So stay tuned. 
Beautiful night at soccer! 
Shopping at Walmart. 
Lyla worked really hard learning her sight words and earned a huge doughnut. 
Jared and Devin had a camp out so I took Lyla, Adalynn, Courtney and Izzy to Peter Rabbit. Izzy brought this mask and they had a lot of fun wearing it to Walgreen's, the movie and DQ. We definitely got a lot of funny looks. 

Pictures from Devin's campout. They went to Rhyolite, a ghost town here in Nevada.  

 Some artists interpretation of The Last Supper

 Jared called this "Naked Minecraft chick"

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