Monday, December 25, 2017

Meeting Jasper

My brother James was in town for an interview and stayed with us. After the interview we all drove down to Arizona (Karrah and the boys were already there). It worked out really well because we had the entire week off for thanksgiving. We really wanted to meet Jasper (James' new baby) and be there for his blessing. 

Such a cute little baby!
The best we could get of the cousins. James was not having it at all, and poor Bruce was not feeling well. 

Getting some DQ after church


Sam said...

Why does Adalynn look like she's practically a teenager?! Also your children are so photogenic or your just a very determined photographer. And man, is Payson pretty!

Karrah Vandruff said...

I'm so grateful you drove down even though it was a short trip. I love you and your kiddos so much! <3 I can't believe how grown all your kids look, and agree with Sam, they are very photogenic!