Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We were in St. George for Thanksgiving. We always have so much fun when we all get together. There are lots of kids so it is crazy (and loud) but my kids love their cousins so much! 
When we first got there the cousins exchanged gifts. 

Lexi bought Adalynn makeup and they had fun putting it on.
Someone got a jump rope and all the kids had fun with that. 

Garth and Kristi set up a bunch of air mattresses and a tv in the garage for all the kids. Such a good idea. 

Garth, Kristi and the grand kids

Walking to the park on Thanksgiving 
The pool was heated and the kids all had so much fun swimming. 

We had a ping pong tournament. Sean did the bracket and we were organized into Harry Potter houses. 

Ty is SO cute, I can hardly stand it. My kids (especially Devin) loved holding him.
Friday we all went to the Family History Center. These pictures were all from my phone so they aren't the greatest, but I really had fun here. You could see who you were related to, where your ancestors came from, and interesting things about your name and when you were born.  

We then walked over to the temple and took a few pictures. 

We rode the carousel and wanted to go to Judd's but it was closed (it was open Saturday so we went the next day). 

That evening Garth and Kristi took everyone to Tuachan for a live nativity. 
After the nativity, all the kids got pajamas from their grandparents. Look how cute the girls look!

Saturday morning the cousins put on a live nativity for everyone. 
The wisemen
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
Shepherds and the cutest little sheep I've ever seen

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Chris & Christine said...

You have the best family! All of you are so creative!

And I'm loving the blush pink shirt you are wearing. :-)