Thursday, December 14, 2017


October was busy and crazy! Day camp, Halloween, basketball, volleyball, soccer, piano, scouts and activity days kept us pretty busy. We had quite a few Halloween parties. The school put on a carnival this year. We also went to two ward trunk-or-treats (I didn't take pictures at those though).

 Carving Pumpkins 

 A little treat for the teachers
 At the school parade

 On Halloween night right before trick-or-treating. All three kids wanted to be someone from Harry Potter. Devin was quidditch Harry Potter, Adalynn was Hermoine and Lyla was Luna Lovegood. 
A few from the studio 

 And a few from Hogwarts! 


Chris & Christine said...

Very cute! Is Hogwarts on a green screen or you have a backdrop?

I'm loving the Harry Potter stuff! I can't wait til Jessika reads the books - maybe next year!

Valerie Christensen said...

It was a green screen! My first time trying it and it was fun (although my version of photoshop is so out of date, I think it is probably easier with the newer versions).