Thursday, November 16, 2017

Harry Potter Activity Day Camp 2017

Day Camp this year was so much fun. We had a theme picked out early on, then one day I thought, "Hmmm...Harry Potter would be fun." I asked the other girls and they agreed it was a great idea! 

Like last year (here is last year's blog post about camp), it was so much work and stress! It came together in the end and it was just magical. I am REALLY worried about next year, because I don't think we can top this year. 

I have so many pictures to share, it is a little ridikulus (see what I did there?!) I took pictures and we also had our high councilman and his wife taking pictures (Some of these pictures are ones they took). 

First up, the invitation. All the girls got letters accepting them into Hogwarts. Tashina (who helped out a ton!) wrote up our invitation and we printed them on parchment paper. I bought a Hogwarts wax seal and red glue sticks and sealed them. 

We wanted it to look like the train station when they first arrived. A guy in our stake made us a train and it looked awesome! This is just cardboard and paint!  

In the entryway we had packages and suitcases. 

 The girls picked up a coin from Gringotts. They later used their coin to get treats from Honeydukes.

We had the main lights off and all the Christmas lights and candles on with Harry Potter music playing. It really set the mood and felt magical.
When the girls first walked in they went to Flourish and Blotts where they picked out their quill and then decorated a notebook. 

We had a quick opening. I welcomed them to Hogwarts and then introduced them to all of our professors. I introduced the theme and then dismissed them to their first class.

We had 7 classes. Here is little bit about each class.... 
(and the signs I re-purposed from last year)
Our first class....
There are a lot of cool Harry Potter quotes. One of our favorites was this one. 
We thought it was SO applicable to the times we live in today. Kasey talked to the girls about our Savior and how He is the light. When we turn to Him, we will find peace and happiness. She also talked about things that can bring light into our lives (good books, good music, etc) as well as how WE can be the light in the world. 
I wanted some sort of light bulb for their handout. I found these at Hobby Lobby and we put Lemon heads in them with the quote attached. 

 Our next class was Potions.
The teacher of this class was so cute. Her whole class was about love potions. She talked to the girls about being kind and loving one another. She made them a love potion drink (made of gillyweed juice and other fun ingredients) and then they made lip gloss. Adalynn loved this class and made us the love potion for FHE the next week. 

From the beginning I knew I wanted an herbology class. In this class, the teacher talked to the girls about finding beauty in their own uniqueness. She talked about flowers and how they are all beautiful but they don't all look the same. Just because one looks different does not mean it is not beautiful. She related it to their lives and told them they are all unique and in Heavenly Father's eyes, they are all beautiful. Such a good message for our girls to hear! After that all the girls planted a flower. 

 I found a few Harry Potter quotes about making good choices that I loved and wanted to incorporate. I had to laugh because President Uchdorf had a quote very similar to this first one in general conference! 

So, I knew I wanted a class based off of these quotes. The teacher talked about how the dark arts are like Satan and how he wants us to make bad choices. She gave them ways to defend against the dark arts. For their handout, I found CTR charms. I bought the chains and colored charms from Michaels and I made the tags with my silhouette. 

 This was our service class. I had no idea what we were going to do and was stressing about it. I was talking to my friend Erica and this idea was all hers! Her son is doing his eagle project for the Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary here in town. He is making large bird toys, but they have smaller birds and a need for smaller disposable bird toys. So each girl made a bird toy for the sanctuary. Her son taught the class and did a fabulous job. 

A.J. taught this class. He has been into magic for years. He showed the girls a few magic tricks then taught them one they could do on their own. At the end the girls each got a wand. I made some wands (about 25). My friend Tammy made the rest (about 75)! The girls loved them.

Some of the wands I made. 

Barb and Sheri (they are in the presidency with me) taught the girls how to play quidditch. I asked a lot of girls what class was their favorite and they almost all told me quidditch. It was cute watching them run around with their brooms. 

The girls each got a golden snitch after quidditch

Moving on to decorating.....

Decorating was a lot of fun. We decorated the gym like the great Hall. We borrowed a lot of stuff. And we made some things. We had the lights off for most of camp so taking good pictures was tough (you all know how much I love the lighting at the church!)


Dumbledore's Office
A few things I made before hand...

I also made/decorated potion bottles 

The potions table. 


Quotes I loved that we used on tables for centerpieces.

Large quotes on the wall.  

Lunch was SO good. The lady I asked to do lunch is amazing and does this all the time. She served chicken drumsticks, rolls, mashed potatoes, corn and grapes. She made frozen butterbeer as well. Adalynn has had the real stuff from Universal and told me the stuff we had at camp was better. The same lady also did all the candy for Honeydukes! 

 After the girls were done eating we had a quick Sorting Hat Ceremony. I wasn't even going to do this but last minute decided to and I'm glad I did because the girls LOVED it. We randomly called up four girls. I talked about each Harry Potter house and the positive characteristics of each (Griffindor are brave, Hufflepuff and kind, Ravenclaw values knowledge and Slytherin are ambitious). I talked about how we can strive to emulate those traits. The girls were sorted. The way I did that was I had four mason jars with dried food coloring (red, blue, yellow and green) on the lids. I told them the water was magic and would turn color only if they wore the sorting hat. I had them shake the jar and it instantly turned the color of their house.

 After those girls were sorted we let the other girls come up and be sorted. We had a bucket with strips of paper (red, blue, yellow and green) that the girls would come up and put on the sorting hat and draw a piece of paper and be sorted.
During lunch we let the girls visit Thee Broomsticks for their butterbeer and Honeydukes. We also took pictures with our car prop.


With the help of a friend, I cut out 130 chocolate frog boxes on my silhouette for chocolate frogs. 

Discovery Park Ward

 Our Presidency
I didn't do t-shirts last year, but wanted to this year. They turned out so cute. Here is the artwork for them. 

A few more pictures I took of Adalynn.

Oh, I almost forgot. These are the treats I made for our helpers/volunteers. 

After the last class we all came back to the great hall and our Stake President talked to the girls for a few minutes. We had a closing prayer and then it was over! 

We were so blessed and had an awesome set-up and clean-up crew. We were out of there in about an hour! I went home exhausted and proud of all the hard work and how everything turned out. We received so many nice texts and messages about how much the girls loved camp. Those little text and messages sure made my day. And seeing the girls excitement also made it all worth it. 

Phew! That might be the longest blog post I have ever done. 


Chris & Christine said...

Girl!!!!! That is amazing! I bet that took MONTHS to plan and get things for. I have to say, I think you should be a party planner! You are so talented! I'm jealous and wish I got my letter to Hogwarts! :-)

Kiley said...

You are sooo talented!! This is amazing!