Friday, September 8, 2017

July and August

4th of July
We were in town for the 4th. We attended the annual pancake extravaganza at the church in the morning. We went out to lunch and then had a party with friends in the evening. Lots of good food, swimming, and fireworks at the park with all our friends.

Later that month Adalynn turned 9 (We were in AZ for her actual birthday so we celebrated a few days early so Jared could be there). Happy Birthday Adalynn! 

Devin went to a coin collecting merit badge class and since then we have all been into looking for old coins and collecting state quarters. 
A real quill pen and ink. 

She is just like her dad and wanted banana cream pie for her birthday. 
We went to laser tag, Gameworks, the children's museum and this indoor trampoline place on our pogo pass. 

We celebrated Harry Potter's birthday the last day of July. 
We made slime 
 Fired ink art

 At Mini Grand Prix riding the go-carts
 Children's Museum

 Cowabunga Bay 
 Went out to dinner to Lucille's. Been thinking about their banana pudding ever since. 
 Lyla used her hot towel for a mini facial. 
We started school August 14th. Our summer went by way too fast, but we were able to pack in lots of fun times! 

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Sam said...

You guys know how to do summer!