Tuesday, August 22, 2017


In June we headed to Utah for Halle's Baptism and Ty's blessing. We stopped in Payson to see the temple. Every time we've been previously, it was either still under construction or closed. It was SO busy today, so we decided to stop again on our way home. 

Saturday we played with the Searles in the evening. The next day we went to church then went to Temple Square. 

Adalynn took the next two pictures, which I love. 

Sunday night we headed North to have dinner with my best friend Miranda. The kids had so much fun playing with her kids and holding the new kittens. 

Monday morning we hiked Albion Basin. I was hoping for wildflowers. We had family pictures taken here last year and the wildflowers were almost all gone. We must have been a week or so early because there were only a few. It was still a gorgeous day and a great hike. 
The kids loved the snow

We saw a moose in the distance.

Talking to dad on the phone 

Tonight was Lyla's birthday! We celebrated with Sean and Sam (and the kids) at Michelle and Justin's house. 

Meeting Ty for the first time

Sweet little thing is now 6!
Jared flew in and the next morning we took the kids to Lagoon. Jared has been before but it was a first for myself and the kids. We got there right when it opened and stayed until they closed. 

This ride was a favorite. 

The next day we were at Sean and Sam's. The kids loved filling out their new books. 

We went hiking again. I don't think we ever found the trail but it was still good to get out. 
(Look how cute Mini Val and Mini Sam look with their cameras!) 

These two had SO much fun together this time. Lyla was so sad to say goodbye. 
Jared and I thought about ditching Sean and Sam so it would look like they had 8 kids, but we wanted ice cream too bad. 

Making wands with Sam
Saturday was Halle's baptism. She looked beautiful! I sure love this girl! 

We stopped at Fiiz on the way home for drinks. 

Trying out their new wands. 

Sunday was Ty's blessing

Cousin talent show
We stopped again at the Payson Temple on our way home and it was closed! Still got a picture but didn't get to walk around it. Maybe next time? 

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