Thursday, August 10, 2017


About a month ago my Grandma fell and broker her hip. Unfortunatley, that created other issues and problems. My mom had been to visit her a few times. She called and asked if there was any way I could get to Houston to visit her. We made it work and I flew into Houston for a few days to spend with her and my mom. 

I'm so glad I went. 
One day my mom and I went to the beach. This is in Galveston. 

The home my mom grew up in (my uncle lives here now). 

The last day I was there we stopped at Nasa. 

A cool bridge we drove over.

My uncle took us out to eat and this place was my favorite! 
This old building in Galveston reminded me of the St. George Temple. 
Galveston had a lot of really old, cool buildings. 
The food in Houston was the best! Especially the fish and seafood. 

(Side note! I re-uploaded ALL my photos. Took hours, but feel so relieved I was able to fix it. I don't feel like the quality is as good uploading through blogger---my photos do not look as sharp. But at least it's something.) 

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Sam said...

I'm amazed you got it done already and so glad it worked out!