Thursday, August 31, 2017


The kids and I went to Arizona in July about a week after we got home from Chicago. 

The first day we always have to see what new animals Grandma and Grandpa have. They have two baby cows and three baby pigs. James told the kids that Grandpa named the pigs Devin, Adalynn and Lyla---the kids loved it and were quite proud that the pigs were named after them. 
It was monsoon season, and that means the tarantulas come out. 

 James and Karrah were living in Payson for a month for work and our trips overlapped a few days. While we were there, Jen and Johnny also came up with their families.  It was the first time all the grandkids have been together in a while. They played and had a good time finding slugs and trying out the slip-n-slide. 

 We FINALLY got to meet my new, cute nephew, Tristan. 

 I love when Karrah braides her hair. 

 These two were so cute together! 

 All of the grandkids! 

 The next day we went to the lake. 

 It started to look stormy so we left! As always, it was a great time. 

 Hanging out watching the rain come in. 

My Dad teaching Devin how to play chess. 
He has been so into it since then. The first thing he did when we got back to Vegas was to buy his own chess set. He wants to join the chess club at school and begs Jared and I to play all the time. 

 Saturday we headed down to the Valley to visit Johnny and Josy and spend some more time withe Tristan! The kids went swimming and Johnny made them snow cones and cotton candy. Johnny smoked ribs and we had a really yummy lunch. Made me wish I lived in AZ so we could have more days like today. 

 Josy teaching Johnny how to use the wrap. 
 A few pictures after church on Sunday

 One day, the girls and I pulled weeds in the corn. The girls got SO muddy. They loved it and told me it was so fun because usually when they got muddy I get mad at them and this time I didn't care. 

 My mom and I took the kids to the lake again. This time without the boat but with the jet ski. We had the lake to ourselves. It was a gorgeous day---the water was crystal clear. Mom and I were so proud of ourselves for figuring out how to put gas in the jet ski and how to back it up onto the ramp (and load it back up again).  

 My grandpa has been in the nursing home. We visited him quite a few times. 

 Meeting grandpa for lunch at DQ
We celebrated Adalynn's birthday on the 21st.

Our last day we went to the lake to go fishing. We bought fishing poles then headed to the little lake in town. We had NO idea what we were doing. We had worms, but weren't sure what else to put on our lines. I'm sure we looked like a bunch of morons. We didn't catch anything. The kids were disappointed, so maybe next time we will take one of the guys with us. 

Our last night the kids put on a talent show in the front yard. 

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