Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lyla's 6th Birthday Party

All she wanted to do was swim with her friends! I love easy birthday parties!  

Monday, July 3, 2017

Over the weekend I went to my blog to show Sam some pictures of something and all of my photos are gone and replaced with a message from Photobucket which reads, "Please update your account to enable third party hosting." For years I have been uploading my photos to Photobucket, then using the url to upload to blogger (years ago blogger had limited storage so I started doing this when I started running out of storage). There are a few posts and the photos on my side which are still there because those are ones I loaded through blogger. 

To update my account, and to get my photos back, it will cost me $399 per year! And I have two accounts so make it $800. Pretty bummed that they are all gone. Really mad at Photobucket. They gave no warning that this would happen. To go from providing a free service to charging $399 yearly is crazy and no one will pay that. Well some might....but not me!

Not really sure if I should try and go back and re-add all those photos. I have been blogging for 10 years and it would take forever plus it would take a lot of guess work remembering what photos I used and what order and all that. I believe now blogger has unlimited storage (google drive) so it is at least possible. 

So frustrating. And sad. This blog has been my journal and something I really enjoy doing. I know most people have kinda moved on from blogging, but for me, I still enjoy it and in a way it is kinda therapeutic. It had never been a chore rather something I love. I have  started turning my blog into books and I will still work on getting caught up on that (I have only done 2016 and 2015 so I have many years to get caught up). 

I have fixed a few this morning....It is going to take forever depending on how far back I go.....