Thursday, June 1, 2017


A few things that happened in May 
May the 4th...Lyla dressed up 

Had a newborn session. This little guy slept so well. 
We did an escape room with our friends. Jared has done it once before with co-workers but this was my first time. It was so fun! I really want to do it again. 

We made it on the wall! 

 Enjoyed some pretty great weather! 

Lyla got an award at school

Got the class pictures back...

And while I'm at it, I don't think I ever put their school pictures taken in the spring on here. 

It is torture that it is not summer vacation yet! We go until June 8th and then we start school a few weeks early so we have about a two month summer (bummer!) 

Here is our bucket list for this summer. We never finish everything and I am okay with that! 

We wanted to see how Sadie liked fidget spinners. She went a little crazy. 
Lyla at morning Muster

Sadie and Rocco 

Devin at the pool 

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