Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kindergarten and 5th Grade Graduation (and end of school!)

The last week of school brought with it two graduations. Lyla graduated from Kindergarten and Devin from 5th grade. I now have a middle schooler! 

Lyla really rocked Kindergarten. I was so worried about her at the beginning of the year. Her preschool teacher and I worked so hard to teach her the letters and sounds and after 2 years, she still only knew about half (and only a few sounds). Thankfully, not long after school started, it clicked and she learned all those letters and their sounds and was reading by Halloween. It was crazy to see how much progress she made. She is now reading at about a 2nd grade level and is well above grade level in math. All that hard work paid off! She also adjusted well socially. She loved all her classmates and was friends with everyone. 
(The kids are mosquitoes in case you are wondering). 

Most of you know this, but I spent a lot of time in Lyla's class this year. Most weeks I was there three morning a week. I really loved being there. I never thought I would want to teach a younger grade, but these kids were just so sweet I could definitely see myself teaching a younger grade. I would walk in and about half of them would scream "MRS. CHRISTENSEN" and run over to me and give me hugs (I probably got 50 hugs a day when I went in). Feels pretty good! I loved it and I loved those kids.
Here is Lyla with a few friends and her teacher. 

Devin's graduation was cute, but I had a hard time getting videos where I was sitting. This was all I got. And  I didn't get any pictures after because they rushed them all back to class. 

Devin has also worked so hard and accomplished a lot. Remember when he was three and didn't talk at all? And when he started Kindergarten and 1st grade and was so far behind? He still has to work so hard and he still struggles but there is SO much he is good at. He enjoys reading---he can't put those Harry Potter books down! He loves learning new things. He gets online all the time and finds recipes, science experiments, crafts, etc and does them. Most of the time it results in a huge mess but sometimes it turns out pretty great (he made a really good cake the other night!) He is so very kind. My friend's son told her that Devin was the nicest person he knows. Gosh that made me happy to hear that. He is really into his you tube channel and is always thinking of new ideas for videos and ways to improve them. I just can't wait to see where life takes him! 

Miss Adalynn did not have a graduation or awards ceremony but I had to mention her as well. Adalynn reminds me a lot of myself as a student. She works hard and does very well. She tends to be a perfectionist and likes to please. She did awesome this year! She is reading way above her grade level. They have all these assessments they give for different subjects and she surpassed them all. Her teachers said so many nice things about her on her report card. Proud of all her hard work!  
A quick end of the year teacher gift for those awesome teachers that were a huge part of the progress they made!

End of the year water fight in the cul-de-sac! 

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