Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lyla's Soccer Season

Soccer is over and Lyla had a fun season!
Here are a few photos I took. My friend asked me to take the team photos, which made me nervous because I have never taken sports photos before. Plus the time of day was really sunny. I think they turned out okay. 

I took more of Lyla in our backyard when the lighting was better.

She had a crazy fun end of the season party. Her coach (Melissa) went all out! They had dinner, then an ice cream truck came. They played in a bounce house and then did a pinata. Oh! And they each got a trophy, a cute green alligator shirt (their team was the green gators), and Lyla got the gummy bear award for her "beary special skills." 

The next day, wearing her green gator shirt. 
Our other two kids really did not like soccer but Lyla is already asking to play in the fall. 

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