Friday, May 5, 2017


A little of this and that from the month of April....

Made some bunny bait. I love these cute spring colors. 

Went to a birthday party at the Shark Reef

Devin has basketball games every weekend. His team is actually doing well this season and Devin is getting better. 

Made this rice crispy cake with the girls. 

Took a few pictures of Lyla

 Having some fun with confetti eggs. 

Sadly, Adalynn was pretty sick. They opened their baskets in the morning. I stayed home from church to be with Addie. We did a little egg hunt after church and then had a nice dinner. 

Poor girl

A few Easter decorations 

Mini fruit pizzas

A few pictures from my phone. 
(I was trying to take a picture of this horse and he kept trying to nibble on my phone. Haha)

 Adalynn receiving an award at school. 

Lyla slept for hours on our way home from AZ with these bunny ears on her eyes. She said they made her sleep wonderfully because the sun wasn't in her eyes. 
Jared took Adalynn and Lyla to BYU fan fest. Devin was at a scout expo earning merit badges and I was at day camp. They had so much fun. Jared got to meet his childhood hero, Ty Detmer.  

Take your kids to work day was last week. Jared took the kids to court. I thought they were going to hate it (because, Jared's work is kinda boring!). But the judge was super sweet and brought them up for a picture and let them sit in his seat. Then they went back to Jared's office and got snacks and soda. So, yeah, they think being an attorney is pretty cool! 

And that was our April!

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