Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Break--Universal Studios

For spring break, we headed to S. California to check out Universal Studios. 
We left Saturday after Devin's basketball game. We got to our hotel and went swimming. 

 The next morning, bright and early, we got to Universal Studios. 
 We had to check our the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was pretty great. I loved the atmosphere they created and the attention to detail. 

First Ride. 
Ollivanders--The wand shop
Uncle Josh met up with us. Which was super fun! 
We tried butterbeer. It was quite good. Adalynn did not like it, but the rest of us did. We got it multiple times over the next three days. 

We tried out the Minions ride next. 

They had a couple of shows, including an animal show. They picked out Josh from the crowd. Here is a video...

We did the studio back lot tour. You drive through multiple Hollywood sets, go on a few rides, and learn about movie making. Devin really liked that.

(Back to the Future Set) 
Then went back to Harry Potter world to get wands. They have this "wand experience" where you go into a small room full of wands and a wand chooses a wizard. The wizard chose Adalynn to come up. It was just so super cute---he first picked her out a wand and had her try it out. She tried out a spell on a bell and it made all the bells in the store go crazy. He told her "This is NOT your wand." Then they picked out another wand that also didn't work. Then they picked out a wand and when he handed it to Addie, music started playing and a light shone down on her (ie the wand chose her!). You could just see how special she felt. After that they take you in the store where you can buy a wand (they have replicas from the movie from all the characters as well as some generic ones). 

Oh, another cool thing about the wand. They are interactive. There are many places throughout the park where you can wave your wand and recite a spell and watch magic happen (things move, lights turn on, plants grow, etc). It was definitely one of the kid's favorite parts of the whole park. 

Devin got the Harry Potter wand 
Lyla got the Fleur Delacour wand because she liked the handle

The next day we went back to the park to do the rides we didn't get to the day before. 

We left the park and went to the beach for  a few hours. 

 Tuesday, our last day, we met up with the Howards and Hunters. It was super fun being at the park with friends. The lines were long, so having a bunch of friends in line to chat with made the wait go by much faster. Josh also came again to hang out for a few hours. 
We saw Mario Lopez. He was interviewing someone from Dancing with the Stars. They were filming and the kids were right behind him, so I am assuming they were on TV. 
 More Butterbeer
Picture with Doc

Jared had to fly home Tuesday night, so Josh took him to the airport and the kids and I stayed until the park closed with the Howards and Hunters. We really had a great time! 

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