Saturday, April 1, 2017


A few things from March 
Lyla went to her friend Josie's birthday party. Her mom took this picture. Lyla looks so much older (and so pretty). 
We took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast. I really loved it. 

Got Sadie's haircut

Adalynn's ants finally came. 
We learned the hard way that you really should tape the lid shut. Adalynn and Brennon were looking at them and it tipped over and about half of the ants got out and were all over our counter. You know the expression "herding cats?" Well, it was kinda like that but way harder. We were trying to capture them without killing them (or being bit). We managed to get them all. Anyways....kinda funny. 

Ants are so cool. 
Enjoying the perfect spring weather. 

Lyla's class made and ordered these shirts. 

 Basketball Banquet
 Playing on the trampoline

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Josy said...

Devin looks so grown up. CRAZY!!!
And Lyla with her friends what an adorable picture!!
I also loved the beauty and the beast movie it was great I like how Lyla was all dressed up how adorable.