Sunday, February 26, 2017

February and Valentines Day

This month has been a blur (and I think I said that last month about January). Right now, Devin and Adalynn are in piano lessons (they are both getting so much is fun to see them grow). Devin is playing basketball with two practices a week. He has scouts once a week. Adalynn is playing volleyball once a week, has horse lessons on Thursdays, and activity days twice a month on Wednesdays. Lyla is also taking horse riding lessons and is starting soccer next week. So, every day after school we do homework and then go from one activity to the next. I love the days we just get to stay at home and chill. 

Anyways, here a a bit of February...

Decorating for V-Day

 Made a countdown 

Every year we do mailboxes starting Feb 1st until the 14th. I try to get them little toys and their favorite snacks. 

 One day I made them these for their mailboxes.

Horse Lessons 

Valentines Dance
Jared took Lyla the first night (the school splits it so younger grades go one night and older grades the following). Lyla was so excited! Jared said she totally danced the whole time. She got a flower from Jared and a boy from her class also bought her a flower. 
 The next night, we all went as a family. It was supposed to just be Jared and Devin and Addie but Lyla really wanted to go again so we went as a family. Afterwards, we went to DQ. 

 Addie went to Courtney's cute cupcake wars birthday party. These are her cupcakes. They had three round they had to decorate their cupcake with gloves on, one with their eyes closed and one normal. 
Lego Batman Movie 
We bought Lyla a butterfly habitat for Christmas and finally sent away for the caterpillars. This was them on day 1. 

A couple days later. They grow very fast. 

This was a few days before forming into a chrysalis. 

 They are just about to become butterflies. It should be any day now. 

Happy Valentines Day!!
Adalynn gave a really cute FHE (a few days before on Sunday).  
 Jared made sugar cookies for the kids just like his mom used to. 

Enjoying the nice weather. 

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Sam said...

I love your Valentine's decor. Especially your shelves. Looks like a fun month.