Friday, January 20, 2017

New Years

We spent New Years in St George. It was a full house...19 people in all...10 kids under the age of 11! It was loud and fun! My kids LOVE their cousins and they all have SO much fun together. 
(In their matching pajamas from Grandpa and Nana).  
It was chilly in St George but the pool was heated

New Year's Eve we went into town to ride the carousel (which was closed) and walk around the temple. We stopped at Judd's to get sodas, candy and bread sticks and then got a few pictures in front of the temple. Jared and I picked up a Swig on our way back--they had to get back for the Huskies game. 

 Garth and Kristi have this huge park right by their house. It has beautiful views. It is a fun place to ride bikes/scooters, play basketball and it looks like they will have playground equipment soon. 

 Sean made some fried was pretty much amazing. 
To make New Years even more fun for the kids, we planned an activity every hour. We kept them in these paper bags so it would be a secret. Michelle, Sam and I each planned 2 hours and we started at 6:00 (We didn't do one for midnight because we figured we watch the ball drop, drink Martinellis and get to bed). Here is what we did (might not be in the right order). 
6:00 Pie Face
7:00 Nerf Gun Shooting
 8:00 Played Headbands 
9:00 Night swimming then cousin band performance
10:00 Sparklers and pop-its then outdoor game with balloons 
11:00 Silly string game 

Made it to midnight!  
Lyla fell asleep at like 11:50. So close! 
The next morning, we went to sacrament meeting. 

After church we kinda just hung out and took the kids to the park again. I took some pictures. 

 We left Monday. We went swimming one last time first. 

Another really fun time with people we love! 


Sam said...

Your pictures are amazing. I'm gonna need to get dinner of them from you.

Sam said...

*some of them. Although dinner sounds good too.

Sam said...

*some of them. Although dinner sounds good too.

Josy said...

Lyla looks so good on those pictures !!!!
And it also makes me happy that Addie wears the jacket I gave her.. So cute!!!
Too many kids!!! Super fun!!
Miss you guys