Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas 2017

Another Arizona Christmas! 

This is such a pretty cow (Cows can be pretty right?)

One of the cows had a baby a few weeks ago. I guess they didn't even know that cow was pregnant. 
With his mama

Don't let these frost pictures fool ya. It was really warm while we were there. It gets really cold at night and in the morning but the highs were about the same as Las Vegas this week. 

Frosty came with us to AZ

Cute little curly tails

Trying to get a group picture with the dogs. 
Watching football and sleeping
Going on a scavenger hunt 

Christmas Eve

Like last year, Frosty wrote the kids a note and told them that they could hold him today. The girls took him all around the property and took lots of pictures of him. 

Later that day, we decorated gingerbread houses

Opening one present Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

Later that day we went shooting to try out all our new presents and have a little shooting competition. Johnny won once and Jen won another time. 
Devin shooting my new gun

One day we met my friend Lauri and her kids at the movies. We saw Jumanji (So funny!) 
The next day we went on a hike with Emily. You can see my parent's house right in the middle of the picture. 

One day we went to Phoenix to visit extended family. 
Lyla wore this cute little orange dress so I had to take some pictures of her next to the orange trees. 

Hunting for arrowheads
This is pretty cool. Right behind my house there are a bunch of metates (stone where Indians ground corn). I lived here forever and never even knew they were there. This first one is pretty cool with 4 right next to each other. 

We were in AZ a week. Never long enough in my opinion!