Monday, December 5, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This year we had the entire week off school for Thanksgiving. The kids and I came down Sunday and Jared flew in for Thanksgiving a few days later.
Johnny and Josy were there Sunday and Monday. For the most part we had nice weather but it did rain a lot on Monday and the power was out for a few hours. But the rest of the week was perfect.

My cousin Josh came up and the kids had so much fun playing with him! 

 My parent's new dog, Rowdy. 

Oh my gosh. Devin....
Tuesday we went to Phoenix to hang out with Johnny. Josy had to work and Johnny had free passes to go to the zoo so we kidnapped Bruce and Johnny and I took 5 kids to the zoo. It was so much fun. The kids got to ride the camel and see a lot of animals. There were a lot of lego sculptures throughout the zoo that Devin enjoyed. They all loved the riding the camel, the petting zoo and milking the fake cow. 

After the zoo, they went swimming, went in the hot tub, played in bounce houses and jumped on the trampoline. Johnny's house is so much fun! We picked up Jared from the airport and came back to Payson that night. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving! 

With Great Grandpa
Jen, Josy and I
The next day, the kids went shooting with grandpa. 
We celebrated Devin's birthday (which was actually Sunday but he wanted to celebrate with family). 

He REALLY wanted a lego cake. I tried my best, but I stink at cakes! At least he seemed pleased. 
Can't believe he is 11! 

Just before coming home we picked some carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and squash from the garden. 

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Josy said...

Wow I can't believe all the kids got on the same camel, thats so cool!! Too bad I had to work.. Tyler had so much fun with his cousins, it was awesome. And the ice cream that Lyla got from grandpa that looks huge!! He sure spoils them when they go up the hill to visit. It was nice seeing you all!!