Friday, December 2, 2016

Devin's Arrow of Light

Last month was Devin's last month as a cub scout! He received his Webelos rank as well as his arrow of light (the highest rank in cub scouting). It was a lot of work--we had a lot to do there at the end, but with the help of his awesome leader, and a lot of nagging from me, he did it! 
Here a few pictures from that evening. 

His den leader made this plaque for him.
One of our leaders got this cake
Jared was also released as cub master so no more scouts for us!! Seemed fitting since Devin is no longer in there. 

Garth and Kristi drove down for it. That made Devin's night! I love that they live a little closer and can come down for special events like this. 
I made a slideshow that played the whole evening. I can't upload it here because it is too large, but I had to include some of those pictures. He has grown up so much! 

On to the next adventure

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