Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas this year was (not to sound too cheesy) magical! It has been forever since I had a white Christmas and this was the kid's first white Christmas. Payson usually gets a decent amount of snow but rarely on Christmas. 
Backtracking a little...
We left for Payson a few days before Christmas.  
A while ago we bought tickets to do the Polar Express with Johnny, Josy, Tyler, Jen, Jake and Bruce. I've had friends that have gone and loved it so we were excited to go. It is in Williams, AZ (which you drive through to get to Payson). 
Here are a few pictures from the train. It was a lot of fun. Our waiter/server was so fun and just had the kids (and adults) cracking up the whole time. We enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies and singing Christmas songs. 
After the Polar Express we stayed the night in Flagstaff (a town 30 minutes from Williams). We woke up, ate breakfast, and went swimming. The pool was indoors and heated. Then we headed to Payson. It was kind nice breaking up the drive!   

 We got to Payson and hung out. My mom had a lot of Christmas crafts and games ready for the kids. They also had the karaoke machine out and they loved that. 

We brought Frosty with us (He put himself in a jar so we could take him without touching him). Christmas Eve (his last day with us) he left the kids a letter telling them that they could hold him just for today. The girls were so excited and wanted a picture with him. 

Later that day we decorated gingerbread houses. 

All week I was checking the forecast and every time it said snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I thought for sure it wouldn't happen but Christmas Eve, the rain turned into snow. 
 I think even the dog was excited about the snow. 
Jen made us have a family talent show Christmas Eve. It was actually a lot of fun. 
Opening one gift Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas! 

Adalynn got a Guinea pig....His name is Rocco. 
James and Karrah totally surprised everyone and showed up Christmas Eve! Totally were not expecting it. Steph, Emery and Emily were also there from Oregon. 
There are a ton of pictures of us in the snow! 

Visiting with Great Grandpa
We played Pie Face and Watch Your Mouth (both really fun)

And that was our Christmas!

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Josy said...

Oh my gosh the videos were so funny. tyler watched it several times.
The pics of you guys on the snow so much fun!!!
We had a good time in Williams that was so cute and fun
,miss you guys