Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Activity Day Camp

I figured since this camp took over my life I really should blog about it! I have never had a project/calling demand so much from me and cause me so much stress. It was such a learning experience for me--I was humbled as I saw many small little miracles and knew the Lord was helping me. I saw so many serve and dedicate their time and talents. 

As part of my calling (a calling is a position or assignment given to members of our church), I am in charge of our stake's activity day camp. It is for all 8-11 year old girls in our church. It was hard on me because I have never done anything like this and because the girl I replaced was amazing. Last year she did a Star Wars theme and the girls absolutely LOVED it. How do you compete with that? 

I went back and forth with themes...I prayed about it and felt very strongly we should do a pioneer theme.

I had a lot of things I wanted to do but our budget was pretty small. Our stake split last year so the budget was almost half. But we still had 130 girls (compared to 160 least year). In the end I think we were able to still do a lot with what budget we had. Ultimately, I was in charge of everything. The theme, the classes, the handouts, the decorations, food, etc. I learned fast that I had to ask for help and delegate.

Here is our cute invitation with an old fashioned candy stick attached. 
 Next the decorations. Decorating the stake canter is hard because it is HUGE and no matter what you do, it is still going to look like the gym! Kinda impressed it turned out as good as it did when we spent almost nothing on decorations. We borrowed a lot of old stuff--trunks, quilts, old windows, etc We decided not to use tables for lunch because we wanted it to be a picnic type lunch.   
I printed pictures of pioneers at Staples (those prints are huge and were only $3 each...called engineer prints and so cool). 
I really wanted covered wagons. We tried a few different ways of making them...we ended up making boxes that sat on the long tables and used PVC pipe (attached with brackets on the inside of the box) and sheets. I think they turned out so cute and filled a huge area. I made the pennant banners out of scraps of material I had (a friend helped cut out triangles...there were a ton--around 500!). 

We have a Bishop in our stake that has a tee pee and a handcart and he brought those for his class and part of the decor. 

We had a table set up with pies

Our drink station aka watering hole

Our scripture theme next to our candy shop. 
The candy shop

 As soon as the girls arrived (I had some cute, old fashioned fiddle music playing to set the mood) they made old fashioned yo-yo's (also called whirligigs and buzz saws). You normally make them with a button but these wood disks were much cheaper. Jared and I just had to drill holes in them all. They are a bit tricky to figure out, but once you do, they are quite fun.  
After welcoming the girls we sent each ward to their first class (there were 7 total). 

Here is a little bit about each class. 
(I made signs for each class, but only took pictures of these ones!)

FYI I took lots of pictures of the girls in the classes. Just wasn't sure if I should include them for privacy reasons. I put some with Adalynn though.  

Class #1 True to the Faith
Tashina talked to the girls about Pioneers and how we can be modern day pioneers.  

Each girl got a bracelet as a handout. 
Class #2
This was our woodworking class. The girls made little books that opened like a treasure chest. 

Class #3
Casey taught this class and made butter with the girls. 

 I love this quote! 
Class #4 was our Saddle up class. The girls all got to ride horses. This class was by far the favorite.

Class #5 was our service class. The girls decorated lunch bags for the Ronald McDonald house

 Some of the finished bags. 
Class #6 Pioneer Games 
The girls shot slingshots, did sack races and stick pulling. 

Class #7 Tee pee class
Bishop Edgel talked to the girls about pioneers and Indians and made them Brigham tea (which most girls hated!) They did love being in the tee pee though.  

 About half ways through, all the girls came in for lunch. We put their lunch in cute little pails made out of #10 cans (If you follow me on snap chat you know how much work it was getting them ready). We did a simple lunch...sandwiches, apples, chips, and go-gurts. Wanted to do a more authentic pioneer meal but opted to do simple since we were serving everything in a can. Plus we knew the girls would actually eat the things we chose. 

 A very sweet girl in our stake made a pie for each girl! So after lunch they all got a pie. There was apple and strawberry. They were SO good! 
Then they each got to visit our candy shop. Another lady did this for us. The girls LOVED this.
Here is the cute bag we had for the candy.
After they ate, my friend Kim taught them two line dances.

After lunch, the girls went to the last of their classes.

At the end a member from the stake president talked to the girls to wrap it up
Our Presidency (Yep, we wore pioneer clothes!) 

Barb and Casey working hard! 
When the girls were in their classes, I ran around and took pictures and directed girls that were late where to go. I helped with little random things, including getting set up for lunch. 
There was another photographer taking pictures and took this one of Addie and I  
 And then, like that, it was over! 
To say that I was relieved and slept well that night would be a huge understatement! Now I have to start thinking about next year---any ideas for a theme?!?!?

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