Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Washington DC

In September, Jared, the Kendalls and I all went to DC for a few days. Jared has been planning this trip for a few years--ever since he learned BYU would be playing at FedEx Field. DC was a huge check off my bucket list---I've wanted to go ever since i was a kid.

After a long flight (left at midnight...arrived at 6 AM and didn't sleep a wink) our first stop was to Fort McHenry. Fort McHenry is where we successfully defended the harbor from the British in 1812, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner. 
There was a large group of WWII vets (all from AZ) there with us. It was touching to see them all stand for the national anthem and help raise the flag--Tashina, Jared and I were all in tears.

Next, we made our way to the National Mall to see all the memorials and museums. 
This is the WWII memorial. 

 Washington monument 
We had tickets to go up but when we showed up for our time, it was shut down. Bummer. 
Lincoln Memorial 

Jefferson Memorial 

 State Capitol 
 We went through the Holocaust museum
Iwo Jima

Arlington Cemetery 

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 
We got there right as they changed guards. It was really cool to watch that take place. 
We also ran over to JFK's grave. 
That evening we got cupcakes at DC cupcakes. 
The next day we went to the Library of Congress
This place is beautiful....so much detail! 

We walked over to our congressman's office for a tour of the state capitol. 

State Capitol 

Potomac River
DC Temple 
Wish we had gotten here sooner. It was so dark. This was the only picture I got. 
Ford's Theater (where Abraham Lincoln was shot)
We went in and looked at the museum and went in to the theater. 

 The opening of the African American museum was opening this weekend so DC was so busy and crowded and many roads were shut down. You couldn't get anywhere near the front of the white. So this is the back of the White House. 

 BYU game! 
We thought Aaron was going to have to work. So we were pleasantly surprised when he called Jared to tell us he would be at the game! 

It was kinda funny. When we got to our seats, the people behind us were our good friends from our BYU ward. And then, in front of us was my sister's friend from Payson. Small world! 

Even though BYU lost, I still had a great time. 

Sunday morning Brian and Tashina flew out early. We had a later flight so we drove out to Mt Vernon to see George Washington's home. 

The view from his home (lucky man!) 
The tomb where Washington is buried
Roosevelt Island 
And then we flew home. I would love to go back one day with the kids when they are older. A huge thanks to my mom for watching them!

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