Monday, September 12, 2016

Sports Camp/Utah/Lexi's Baptism

The week before Lexi's baptism, Devin attended the BYU all sports day camp. Devin was so excited, especially since Parker and the Kendall boys were there.  
Here was their schedule
Day 1--Gymnastics and track
Day 2--Soccer
Day 3--Football
Day 4--Baseball
Day 5--Basketball

The girls and I stayed busy during the day at Michelle's house (and Sam's house). 
One night we did the exploding watermelon. It was on the Searle's summer bucket list. I'm so glad they waited to do it while we were visiting. It was really cool (and took about 500 rubber bands, fyi). If you want to see the watermelon explode in the video, skip forward to about 2:20.

 All the rubber bands after the explosion. 

The girls and I spend some time in Tooele with Sean and Sam (and the kids). 

 Picking Devin up from the stadium. I think football was his favorite day

One night Michelle, Justin and I did the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Oh man, these homes are gorgeous. And huge. And expensive! It was sure fun! 

Jared flew in and had a depo for one of his cases in Ogden. He knew I would need the car so he got a rental for the day. The cheapest car they had was a Mustang. Just an average mid size car was at least double the price of the mustang. So, we made him take us all on rides around the neighborhood and through the drive thru at Chick-Fil-a. 

I already showed you our family pictures, but here were a few from my phone!
Baptism pictures of both girls at Gardner Village 
I feel so lucky my kids have awesome cousins. Being only 2 weeks apart, these two have a special bond. 

Baptism time 

 Sean and Sam rented this for after the baptism. It was quite the hit. 

We left after the baptism. We stopped in St. George for the night and went night swimming. We always love our time in Utah. 

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