Thursday, September 8, 2016


We met Steph at the Children's Museum

Pack meeting this month was a swim party 
Lyla trying to paddle in this video makes me laugh

Saw Secret Life of Pets. Lyla had to have the bunny from the movie. He goes with us everywhere. 
Jared's boss paid for all of us to go to Tournament of the Kings. 
It is SO fun. I'm kind of a medieval nerd so this was right up my alley. The kids all loved it. You eat dinner with your hands and cheer for your knight (ours was France). 

 During the show our knight kept flirting with Lyla...he waved and smiled at her quite a few times and he came up to her and said, "Hi Princess." I think she was embarrassed, but I thought it was adorable. After the show he asked if she wanted a picture. 

Checked out our new water park with the Howards, I think next year, we will definitely get a season pass. 

Up next! 
Lexi's baptism/Utah and sports camp
San Francisco
Back to School 
Adalynn's baptism

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