Saturday, September 17, 2016

Back To School

Back To school dinner
This year we went with a theme..."Bee."
We talked about all the things we wanted to "bee" this school year. I love taking this day before school to talk about our goals and dreams as well as ways we can be helpful and kind.  
Here is a few of our decorations.  
The kids requested Indian Fry Bread and cupcakes. 
After dinner, Jared gave the kids father's blessings.
What a special night!

Now onto the first day of school! I was not looking forward to this day. I was just fine having Devin and Adalynn leave (I love them, but man, I was so done with the the fighting this summer), but sending Lyla off to full day kinder had me all emotional. Part of was I was worried how she would do---but mostly it was me feeling bad that all my kids are in school all day. I was struggling thinking, what do I do now? 
Do I get a job? 
If I get a job, how can I find one that still allows me to be at home when they are home?
Should I teach? 

I don't really have any answers yet. I am SUPER busy with my calling right now--I'm planning activity day camp for all the girls in our stake. So, until that is over, I am good! And 6 hours goes by a lot faster than I thought. But I'm still sad that I no longer have any littles home with me during the day. 

Moving are a few pictures from the first day of school. 
She always has to get a picture with her dog. 
This was them 2 years ago. 
They've both grown so much! 
All three
And now the annual First Day of School pictures by our wall. 
First, Devin! 
My-lanta! Where did my little guy go?! 

And last but not least, my little Lyla bug! 

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