Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adalynn's Baptism

Adalynn was baptized on Saturday September 3rd. 
It was a special day. We are so grateful to all our friends and family that came. 
A few pictures before her baptism.  

 Our attempt at a cousin picture. HAHA
The only one looking and smiling is Devin. 

 After the baptism we headed back to our house for lunch.

 She got some of the cutest baptism gifts. So very thoughtful of everyone. 
Here is the front of her program
Kristi gave the baptism talk and my mom gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Both did a wonderful job. Jared baptized and confirmed her. 
There was one point when I looked down at her and she was in tears. It took me by surprise so I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and told me, "I'm just so happy." I love that her heart was so full on this special day.

 I really love her invitation. 
I'm so, so grateful for Adalynn. She has always been a great kid--even her toddler years were so easy. She has a sweet, tender spirit--she cares so much about other people. She is obedient. I never have to ask her to do her homework or practice the piano. She just gets home and does it and I'm grateful for that. She is helpful and is aware of when I need her help them most. She strives to be good and make good decisions. She is cute and funny and is a true joy to have around.  
I am grateful for her decision to be baptized. I love the little lady she is becoming. I love that I am her mom and am able to teach her, but more often, and especially lately, I am not teaching, but learning from her.  

Back To School

Back To school dinner
This year we went with a theme..."Bee."
We talked about all the things we wanted to "bee" this school year. I love taking this day before school to talk about our goals and dreams as well as ways we can be helpful and kind.  
Here is a few of our decorations.  

 The kids requested Indian Fry Bread and cupcakes. 
After dinner, Jared gave the kids father's blessings.
What a special night!

Now onto the first day of school! I was not looking forward to this day. I was just fine having Devin and Adalynn leave (I love them, but man, I was so done with the the fighting this summer), but sending Lyla off to full day kinder had me all emotional. Part of was I was worried how she would do---but mostly it was me feeling bad that all my kids are in school all day. I was struggling thinking, what do I do now? 
Do I get a job? 
If I get a job, how can I find one that still allows me to be at home when they are home?
Should I teach? 

I don't really have any answers yet. I am SUPER busy with my calling right now--I'm planning activity day camp for all the girls in our stake. So, until that is over, I am good! And 6 hours goes by a lot faster than I thought. But I'm still sad that I no longer have any littles home with me during the day. 

Moving are a few pictures from the first day of school. 
She always has to get a picture with her dog. 
All three

And now the annual First Day of School pictures by our wall. 
First, Devin! 
And last but not least, my little Lyla bug! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

San Francisco

We wanted to go on a quick family trip before school started! Jared found cheap tickets to San Francisco. We've been quite a few times but this was the first time we took the kids. 
We flew in Thursday night. Friday morning we took them to Golden Gate Bridge. 
It was foggy and so cold! It was probably in the 60's the whole time we were there (and when we left Vegas is was 110---so a 50 degree difference). Anyways, we had to buy jackets and warmer clothes at Costco and Target.
Here we are at the bridge. 
 Proof that I was on this vacation (I believe it was the only picture I was in!)

This is Fort Point, right under the bridge. 

Next we walked around the Palace of Fine Arts. 

 This is at Fisherman's Wharf. The kids loved the Sea Lions. There was one Sea Lion that kept pushing the other ones off the platform and the kids thought that was so funny. 

We walked around the pier for a little bit. They thought this 2 story carousel was pretty cool so they went on a few rides. 
We had clam chowder in bread bowls for lunch. It was especailly yummy since we were chilly. 

 After lunch we walked to Ghiradelli square for ice cream. There were a few street performers and magicians along the way that we stopped to watch. 

We stopped by the Painted Ladies. The kids were unimpressed  (The kids really like Full House so I thought they would like this--they are in the opening credits. Regardless, they are super cute!)

Jared really wanted to go to a baseball game. It was a pretty park...right on the water. 

 The next morning we went to the CA Academy of Sciences. 

After that, we drove down the coast to Santa Cruz. The kids wanted to go the beach SO bad. We stopped and let them play. It was just so cold...I had no idea it would be this chilly in August! I swear when we have been in March and October is was so much nicer. 

The next day we went to the Pier in Santa Cruz. It is this cute little amusement park/carnival right on the beach. There are so many rides. And even though it got crowded later in the day, there was never any wait for the rides. 

 We took a few hours break to play in the ocean. 
After cleaning up and getting dinner, we went back to the park and rode rides until they closed at 10. It was a FUN day! 
Our last day we were back in San Francisco. We wanted to ride the cable cars and visit China Town. The line to ride the cable cars took so long. Then not long after we got going the car in front of us broke! So we got off and walked though China Town. But the kids weren't too impressed with China Town. So we got an uber to take us back to our car. 

 We had about 6 more hours until our flight so we decided to take the kids to the zoo. It was Monday so there was almost no one there. 

And that's a wrap!