Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

I'm going a little out of order here...I haven't blogged about the rest of our summer but our computer is broken so I can't get to those photos. These photos, however all are edited and ready to go, so I will share them!

When we were up in Utah for Lexi's baptism, we had family pictures taken up in the mountains. 
Getting pictures is stressful! I agonize over what everyone is going to wear and then when it gets closer I worry about someone getting sick, getting a black eye, the weather, etc. etc. We made it to Friday (the day of the session) and everyone was healthy and bruise free! The weather looked like it was going to cooperate (I checked the forecast EVERY day for like 2 weeks). About 5 minutes into our session it started to rain! Pretty hard! We wouldn't have been able to reschedule since the next day was Lexi's baptism and we were going home after that. THAT was stressful. Devin was like, "Lets say a prayer!" So we did and it cleared up and everything was great Seeing them now makes me realize the stress was worth it! 
Isn't Utah gorgeous! 



We got a lot of candid, less posed shots, which I really like. 

I love this one of the girls! 
This one is one of my favorites...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Adalynn's Baptism Pictures

In a week (September 3rd) Adalynn will be baptized! She is so very excited...she was supposed to be baptized in August, but we pushed it to September so we could attend my niece's baptism in Utah.
We took quite a few pictures at my parent's house in AZ. My friend Angie made her dress. Adalynn found a picture of what she wanted and Angie made it happen! 

We also took some at the Vegas Temple. 

A little photoshop swapping in this next one! I so wish I had a place like this to take pictures at though!
She is wearing the necklace my dad gave to me when I was a teenager (and all my sisters have one as well). 
Like  I said, her baptism in next Saturday. All are welcome to attend!