Friday, July 1, 2016


First, we have been crossing things off our summer bucket list. 

Coke and Mentos

We all liked this and I have enough tissue paper to make 100 more so we'll be doing this again. 

I think they are so pretty and I'm bringing them to AZ with me and making Jen write something in calligraphy on each one. 

Homemade Slurpees
They were way too sugary for me and kinda sour but the girls liked them. 
Pack Meeting this month
I had no idea what we were going to do this month. They provide plans online but we usually do our own thing. I decided to do what they recommended which was a snake/reptile meeting where you teach the boys about different poisonous snakes (the boys did a little craft with each project). At first I thought it was going to be SO boring. I knew we needed something a little extra! 
Here is our invitation 
I attached these to the invitations 
The boys learned about rattlesnakes and learned how to draw a rattlesnake. 
They learned about Coral Snakes and make a coral snake craft.  
 Lastly they learned about Cottonmouth snakes. 

We have a guy in our last ward that I knew had some snakes so I texted his wife and asked it they could bring some. Oh man, they brought all sorts of critters and taught the boys about each one. They also let the kids hold everything they brought. The kids LOVED this. I have never seen them so excited and engaged. Almost all of them (including the girls and younger siblings) were able to hold tarantulas, a gecko, a tortoise, a large snake and small snake (can't remember the kind), and at the end they were able to pet the blue tongue skink and big lizard thing. I held a snake but you couldn't pay me to hold the tarantula! 

 We also have a girl in our ward that is awesome at making cakes and made this for us. I texted her a few pictures from pinterest and she took it to the next level. Its hard to tell in the pictures but it was huge. Everyone loved this and a few parents thought it was real. 
It was probably the best pack meeting to date. Which is funny cause I was so worried it was going to be lame. 

Adalynn's primary teacher does a summer craft class and Adalynn goes once a week. She brings home the cutest things! 

Where is Adalynn?! Oh, just sleeping on the trampoline. 
Fathers Day 
I wanted a pictures of them outside but apparently my family draws the line at outdoor pictures once it hits 115! 
Remember a few posts back how I told you what a great spring we had? Well mother nature is a big fat jerk and it making up for it! This June has been the hottest ever. 

 At the mall 

  Girls Night out 
Two of my good friends are moving, which stinks! So we went out to dinner and a show. I will miss them! 
Lyla can now pretty much swim the width of the pool. She is not 100% yet, but I think she will be by the end of the summer. 

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Andrea said...

You are amazing Val! If i ever have to be in cub scouts I'm just going to copy everything you have ever done!