Wednesday, July 20, 2016


We had a busy, fun week in AZ with my parents and siblings! 

How I feel when I'm home! 
We were going to go to the lake on Saturday but we woke up to a huge storm and cool temperatures. Decided not to go, but it did clear up to a beautiful day! 
 Jen came up with Bruce. He has gotten so much older and it was fun to see his personality. He is SO smart and quite the chatterbox. 
Took the kids to the park 
Devin organized a family foosball tournament. Dad is pretty good and won it all. 

My kids love visiting the chickens every day and collecting the eggs. 
 Much to the girls delight, Grandpa found them a bunch of snails to play with. Lyla even named was seashell and the other was fluffy. lol

Took Adalynn's baptism pictures while we were there. She is SO excited for her baptism (and I'll post more once I edit them).  
My mom has a ton of boxes of dress up clothes. Adalynn loves it. 

Made the kids wake up early one morning to pull weeds. Just like I had to every morning in the summer. 

Went to Pine one day (a small town just north. Lots of cute stores and museums)

Went to the river

One night by childhood best friend Lauri came for dinner with her cute family. I'm kicking myself because I didn't get a picture. But we had a lot of fun catching up and our kids totally clicked. They are still talking about how much fun they had. 

 The second time we tried to go to the lake my dad's truck broke down. This was our third attempt. Third times a charm must be true because we made it and had a great time. 

Mom learning how to jet ski. 
 Johnny let Adalynn drive the boat and she thought that was so cool. 
Home again and playing like crazy
Sadie loves AZ
Susie, my parent's dog
Saturday we left Payson and headed to Chandler to stay a day with Johnny and Josy. They have a huge pool and Johnny set up his 18 ft. slide (he owns a party rental company) so the kids had a blast. I think they were in the pool/slide the entire time! 

It's always so hard for me to come home! Can't wait until next time! 

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