Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Lyla went to the cutest birthday party--their face painter was pretty impressive. 

 Pack meeting this month was our raingutter regatta. It was a pirate theme. 
The invites were so cute! I couldn't have done these with our old ward because there were too many boys. 

The invitation
When the boys came in they got a pirate hat, an eye patch and figured out their pirate name. The pirate names were so funny. 
Adalynn was Captain Spike Jackson
Lyla was Bucko Sea Jackson
Devin was Bowman Head Jackson
Jared was Fluffbucket Rat Jackson (my favorite)
First we handed our awards in little treasure chests.
The boys then raced their boats and the siblings made boats out of pool noodles. Jared and I try every pack meeting to make sure there are things for all the kids, not just the scouts. 

All the boys
I think it was a pretty successful raingutter regatta. We kept it pretty low key (we didn't even keep track of who beat who and we just gave them all a participation awards at the end). We are already planning next months which I am super excited about.   

Lets see, what else....

Devin making his Nevada State cookie. He had a lot of fun with this assignment. 
 Finished product
This spring has been amazing. It is finally going to get hot this week (normally it is much sooner). We've had lots of rain. The trees/plants/bushes and grass all look so beautiful. 
(I love when these trees get their yellow flowers)

I'm going to miss her so much next year when she isn't my little errand buddy! 
Made some super yummy cupcakes. Raspberry lemonade cupcakes (I normally don't like buttercream frosting, but this one was so good!) 
I think I secretly want to be a food photographer. Or open a cupcake shop. Or both! 


 Haha. Sadie! You wish..

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Chris & Christine said...

Val, you do such a great job on all of your photography! I'm jealous! You are my do-it-all hero!