Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Costa Rica

We really weren't planning on going to Costa Rica. Our friends were going and kept bringing it up and telling us "You should come!" So, just to humor them we looked up how much flights would be and to our surprise, they were super cheap (Southwest flies to Costa Rica and with our points they were free).  Then we talked about how we would split the cost of rental cars, hotel rooms, etc. June is the off season and it is the best time to visit as most things are much cheaper. Jared's dad just retired to St. George and they told us they would watch the kids. Our passports hadn't expired. So, it really made so much sense to go! 

I'm so glad we went! It was amazing! We were gone 5 days (two of those days were travel days). I wish we had longer but we packed in as much as possible in those three days. 
Our first night we stayed by the airport in Liberia. 

At the supermarket. All of their soda was sold in 3 liter bottles. 

The first beach we went to.  

 Lunch on Flamingo beach. Gorgeous view and the food was amazing! 

Poor little dead (but beautiful) crab. 

There were ladies giving massages for like $30/hour so we all got massages on the beach (My first massage and I think I am hooked!). Then we got in the water. The water was perfect. The weather was pretty great the whole time we were there. June is the wet season, so we were expecting lots of rain and humidity but we really lucked out and had near perfect weather the entire time.  

 I had to take a picture of this cute little pup to show the girls. 
A little market in a random town we stopped in. 

 The second night we stayed in Tamarindo. This was our hotel (felt like we had the place to ourselves).  

The humidity did wonders for my skin but my hair was out of control! Frizz!! 
Beach at Tamarindo
Breakfast at our hotel
Side note. I love the camera backpack Jared bought for me right before we left. So easy to take my big camera with us everywhere. 
On our way to Monte Verde we spotted a bunch of monkeys. 

 This was in Nicoya. It is the oldest church in Costa Rica (dates back to the 1600's).  

We saw lots of Iguanas. 
 They had the weirdest looking cows. I did a bit of research and they are called Brahman cows. 
Found a Seahawks home. 
Driving up to MonteVerde (where we went zip lining). I have never seen such amazing views. My pictures do not do it justice. 

I really wanted to bring my camera zip-lining but it wasn't allowed. The guides took a few of us and I took Jared's phone and tried to snap a few on the platforms. Zip-lining was incredible. It was Jared's favorite thing we did. It was like 8 lines that zig-zagged across the rain forest. It took about an hour and a half. Definitely a cool experience. 

 They had signs that posted the height and length of each cable.

Lemur walking around 

After zip-lining we walked through the rain forest which included 6 suspension bridges. I think the longest was around 1,000 feet. Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but this was amazing.

After zip-lining we drove to La Fortuna and got a hotel room. All (or at least most) of the resorts here have hot springs. We did that at night. 
 La Fortuna Waterfall 
We hiked down and got in the water. It was cold but totally worth it.

 We weren't in La Fortuna that long. There was SO much to do there. We wanted to rappel and possibly go white water rafting but we just ran out of time! It was pretty overcast the day we were there so we didn't even see the volcano(we did see it at night coming into town). 
Driving to Celeste waterfall. Brian was acting goofy and there were about 10 people in the back of this truck that thought he was hilarious! 
Hiking to Celeste Waterfall 
 The water in these pictures are not photo shopped. It really looked like this. There are two rivers and when they meet the minerals from each river mix and form the blue color. It was so cool. After seeing the waterfall we hiked to where the two rivers meet. It was a muddy hike but one of my favorite things we did. 

This is where the two rivers meet. 
Driving back to Liberia. 
We stayed the night in Liberia and got to the airport early the next morning. 
 Their money. I love how colorful it is. We brought back some for the kids. We REALLY want to go back with them one day so we told them they could spend it when we return.
Map shows where we were. We barely scratched the surface of all the places we could have explored. Costa Rica is pretty small, but it takes forever to get places. Lots of rocky dirt roads. 
Other things I loved: 
*The people were so nice and sweet!
*Even though I don't know any Spanish, most people speak English and most information is in both English and Spanish. 
*Costa Rica is clean and safe. 
*The fruit! Tasted so good!
*Vacationing with our besties!

A few videos Jared took 
First one is at Celeste where the two rivers meet. Second is Brian and Jared ziplining. 


Michelle said...

That all looks amazing! I would love to go there someday. I think Tim and Alisa just recently took their whole family there. I'm glad you guys got to go and you looked amazing in all the pictures. Your skin looked beautiful.

James Vandruff said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! It does look amazing there, and looked like y'all were the only ones there visiting! No one at the beach or the hotel lol.