Friday, June 3, 2016


Jared totally surprised me for our 15 year anniversary. He went to Chicago a few years ago for a BYU game and ever since then I have wanted to go. He booked the trip, arranged for the Kendalls to watch the kids, and kept it a secret for a while. He sorta let it slip a week before we left where we were going, but I didn't care! I was so excited to get away, just the two of us!

Day 1
We started at the temple. Jared is the best and just is so patient with me as I walk around and take pictures. Never complains. 

I can't remember what this building was but I thought it was pretty. 
Lake Michigan

Home Alone house!
We went to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. It was fun! It was a good game. 

We look like we are at a BYU game. Haha. 
After the game we walked around downtown. It has to be one of the cutest towns. There were old buildings and tulips everywhere. 

 Had to get deep dish pizza. 

I love fire escapes. 
The next morning we started over at Sears (now Willis) tower. 

Views of Chicago

This was out on the sky deck. Kinda crazy. 
Looking down
 Tired of tulips pictures yet! I'm telling you they were everywhere. 
 We went to the Art Institute next. 
There were rooms and rooms of pottery. I guess I'm not that artsy because it got old after a while. 
Van Gogh
Next, the Bean. 

 Buckingham Fountain
Navy Pier 
It seemed like Navy Pier was pretty much shut down---It was pretty dead (I'm guessing it is a lot more fun in the summer). We walked around a bit. 
Oh and we got around using Uber. It was so easy and cheap. Jared would get on his app and within 2 minutes someone was there to pick us up and take us to the next location. 
The next day (our last day!) we did a boat/architectural tour through the city. So fun seeing the city from the river and hearing about all the different buildings and fun little facts about them all. I really enjoyed this! 

 We had a bit of time to kill and we ended our trip at the Field Museum. 

Oh man, we had so much fun! I really enjoyed Chicago.


April said...

I love Chicago! Curt and I were married in the Temple there. The picture of the fountain is in one of our wedding pictures. The piece rising out of the water looks like a head dress because of where I'm standing.

Valerie Christensen said...

April! I have to see that picture!

Sam said...

What a good husband! I'd love to go on a surprise getaway or just a getaway. Hint. Hint. Sean.