Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day Camp

This was Devin's last year of day camp! The theme was Wild Adventures and they did a lot of really fun things. It was my first day camp being in the stake primary presidency so I was there all three days. They gave me the job of camp photographer and a few other random things. I really didn't get to hang out with Devin the first two days at all. Saturday I went on the hike with the webelos so I got to hang out with Devin a little that day. 

 $10 to anyone that can find him! 
The webelos 

Getting ready to climb the rock wall

 Dinner entertainment

 Hungry hungry hippos

The sunset Friday night was gorgeous! 
Saturday morning up the canyon for the hike.

First they did a service project (pulling weeds)
Saw this little bunny on the hike. 
A little dutch oven treat after hiking 

Doing their skits

 And that was day camp! Devin had a lot of fun. 

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