Friday, May 6, 2016

April Phone Dump

All photos from my phone....

One of my jobs at day camp was to get little thank you treats for our volunteers.
Play date with friends. I love how they are both looking at each other like, "She's crazy!" 
Bird heads
Face swap. Disturbing and hilarious! 
New patio cover
Deep in conversation on pizza night
Shopping at H & M 
Baptisms and birthday seem to be the theme of our Saturdays. We have had one or the other (or both) every Saturday since March.  
We told her to get ready to go to the Kendalls. This is what she chose to wear.
Just relaxing!
Puppies everywhere
@ Smiths 
Queen Sadie 
Jamberry Nails....have you tried them? They have so many cute designs and they last a while. 
Addie's field trip 

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Sam said...

I love your patio cover! That's exactly what I dream of for our house someday.