Sunday, April 3, 2016

San Diego/Spring Break 2016

This year I wasn't planning on doing anything for spring break because we knew Jared would be prepping for trial. However, my dad called to see if we wanted to meet him and my mom in San Diego for a few days. They had free tickets to Sea World, and we've never been as a family. Sounded good to me, so I loaded the kids in the car and we took off to San Diego (without Jared. Boo!)

Sunday we got to San Diego and discovered out hotel did not have a pool (if you know my kids that it like a HUGE requirement when we go somewhere). We had to cancel our reservations and make new ones (which was stressful...and if you know me at all, you know that I do not deal with stress well). Anyways, we worked it out and got a new hotel WITH a pool (never mind that it was ice cold--the kids didn't care and went swimming anyways). 

Monday we went to Balboa Park, the Mormon Battalion, and the beach. 

Tuesday we went to Sea World. I loved Sea World as a kid and really hoped the kids would love it too. Sadly, the night before Lyla got pretty sick! She had a bad cough and a high fever. I swear this happens all the time. My kids are super healthy year round then as soon as we are on vacation...BAM...they get sick. Happens every. freaking.time. Anyways, by Tuesday her fever was gone and she still had fun, of course. She was just tired and spend a lot of time in the stroller (my poor dad was quite sick as well!)
 All three kids loved feeding the sea lions and sea otters. 

They had the cutest pet show where they trained dogs, cats, pigs, birds and a few other random animals to do tricks. They loved it!
At the end of the show, you could pet some of the animals that were in the show. This little kangaroo was so soft!
 At the entrance they have a huge tank where you can pet sharks (I can't remember what kind). And in the other tank they had cleaner fish...they nibble on your hands and arms and it tickles. They were really loving Devin. 

Killer whales are so beautiful. I guess Sea World is doing away with their killer whale breeding program so who knows how much longer they will have them at Sea World. I love being able to see them up close. 

Devin and Adalynn had to sit in the splash zone (front row) during the Shamu show (they really wanted to get wet). It was kinda chilly outside so I'm glad they only got a little wet and not totally drenched. 
Went to a dolphin pool where we saw the trainers interact with the dolphins. 

Another show...the sea lion show. This one was SO funny. 

 After the last ride of the day. My parents are good sports and went on it even though we knew we were going to get wet. 

There were some other roller coaster rides and animals to see. We saw a Beluga whale, penguins, sharks, and a polar bear. 

It was such a nice couple of days! I'm so grateful to my parents for inviting us and helping me take care of the kids. 

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Josy said...

I wish we could've joined you guys. but we had to work ;( next time we should definitely do a road trip with all the kids!!! That would be so fun