Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York

A few months ago Jared told me I should visit James (my bro). He also suggested I take Adalynn. Of course I wanted to visit them! They live close to Niagara Falls, Palmyra, and Kirtland and I've always wanted to visit those three places. They are also moving a few hours south for his rotations so I wanted to visit before they move. We looked for flights and found a good deal and booked our trip! 

We flew to Cleveland Thursday and drove up to Erie. 
The next day (my birthday!) Karrah, the kids and I drove to Niagara Falls. 
In line waiting for the Maid of the Mist. 
 Baby James did not like his rain poncho. 

The falls are huge and beautiful. I didn't realize there are actually a few different falls. If I could do it again I would bring my passport so I could see them from Canada because that is where you would get the best view. 
All of the sudden it gets really cold and windy and you almost can't see anything. 

 This was right before it started to pour! 
After Niagara, we drove to Palmyra to visit the Sacred Grove. Isn't it beautiful? It looked like this everywhere we went. I'm sure Karrah got tired of me saying "IT IS SO GREEN HERE!" I would love to come back when the trees have all their leaves! 

The sacred grove was amazing...I felt the spirit so strong. It was so peaceful and beautiful and an experience I will never forget. To be where Joseph prayed and saw Heavenly Father and Jesus and where the gospel essentially was restored really strengthened my testimony. I wish I had my whole family there with me. I want them to all feel what I felt. Maybe when James graduates in 2 year! 

They have a few barns and two of the homes the Smiths lived in. It was really a neat experiences to be in rooms the plates were in. The sister missionary told us a few really cool stories about places they had to hide the plates. 

James 1:5
The sister missionary told us this is the view Joseph would have had as he went to the grove to pray. 
After the sacred grove, we went to the Palmyra temple. They had so many cars from other states in the parking lot. 
The Palmyra Temple

A few miles down the road is the Hill Cumorah. We weren't there for long but we went to the Moroni statue. Adalynn read Moroni 10:4 and we talked about what it meant. 
Hill Cumorah

Honestly, today was amazing!! I crossed two things off my bucket list. It was a great birthday (Oh and to top it all ff, James and Karrah got me a delish chocolate cake)! 

Saturday James took the day off from studying and hung out with us! He drove me all over Erie. Here he is in front of the school. 
We went to the Eerie zoo. It is a small zoo but it was awesome (and so cheap)! They had a lot of animals and you were right up close to them. It is still kinda winter there so a lot of them were inside. But we had a great time. 

Some of their animals...
....this one had to be my favorite, because WHAT IS THAT THING?

Baby James was not impressed with the carousel and had a serious face the whole time.

 Cute little baby and his mama.

After the zoo we went to Presque Isle--a park with miles and miles of beach. It was cold! But the kids had fun. 
We had to take this for Devin...
Sunday (our last day). We went to the park. Adalynn sure loved spending time with baby James. 

On our way to the airport we went stopped in Kirtland to see the Kirtland temple. We paid to do the tour. The movie was boring but being in the temple was great. It is a little weird because the church does not own the temple, but our guide was very nice and knowledgeable. My favorite part was at the end when we (there were 6 of us on the tour) sang "The Spirit of God." 

And then we flew home! So grateful to be able to visit James and Karrah and spend some awesome one-on-one time with Adalynn. It is a trip I won't ever forget. Grateful to Jared for staying home with Devin and Adalynn! 


Sam said...

It's all so beautiful! What an amazing trip. What a fun memory for you and Adalynn. I'd love to go on a church history tour/ road trip someday.

Sam said...

It's all so beautiful! What an amazing trip. What a fun memory for you and Adalynn. I'd love to go on a church history tour/ road trip someday.

Michelle said...

I would really love to visit the Sacred Grove. What an amazing trip and I hope you do get your whole family there someday. It's a new goal of mine now.

Josy said...

Oh wow what an amazing trip!!!! James didn't look too happy to get all wet, but seemed so happy at the other places. I miss you guys!!! It looked like a beautiful place!!!

hippiegirl said...

It was so fun having you and we are glad y'all had a good time! Your pictures all turned out great even of the animals through the glass! You're so amazing!

April said...

It looks like a beautiful trip! Love all the pictures!