Thursday, March 31, 2016

Leprachauns Day

That is what they call it. Leprechauns Day (not St. Patrick's Day). And they get way more excited about the leprechaun than I ever thought they would! Its kinda crazy but you have to love their excitement. 

For the teachers. 
For our friends. 
For FHE we went to the store and found all kinds of green goodies. Then we delivered them. 
The kids set  a trap the night before and left the leprechaun all sorts of green food. They didn't catch him. He left some goodies and caused a little mischief. Green milk, toilet water, and turning the pictures and table upside down. Oh and adding mustaches to some of our pictures.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


A few little things we have been doing the past two months.

February was Blue and Gold for scouts. We had a minions theme with a taco bar for dinner. It was the first pack meeting in this new ward so it was a little weird. We only have 10 boys, so it was a lot smaller, but I think the boys had fun. All the leaders are awesome and want to be very involved and helpful, so I am super excited for that. Here is the invite I made. 
Took this beauties photos for her baptism 

My go to baptism gift. 
March we did a science theme pack meeting. We did it last year and it was a hit. One of these days I will have to do a separate post of all the experiments we did. So much fun! Here is the invite. 
I had to spice them up a bit and add a test tube with nerds. So cute, right? 
I didn't take any pictures during pack meeting (I was helping boys make slime) but one of the moms did. These are from her. 

Lemons are pretty
 Speaking of pretty lemons. I bought these cute lemonade girl scout cookies and gave them to the girls I visit teach. 

Went to Provo for the Provo temple open house. 

Free cones at DQ

I found this wrapping paper at Target and thought it would make a cute backdrop. 
Made these for FHE.