Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad turned 60 on January 6th! My mom wanted to have a surprise party for him so we started planning one around Thanksgiving. Karrah flew into Vegas from PA with baby James and we hung out for a week. The girls, Karrah, and I left for Phoenix Friday night (Jared and Devin were in CA for a basketball game). 

First the invite, designed by the super talented Jen!

 Karrah and I made a Costco run Friday night. This was the sunset as we were leaving. AZ has the best sunsets! 

Saturday morning we went straight to the church to set up. We wanted to have it at the house but logistically we couldn't figure out how to get everyone there and decorate in the short time he would be gone. The lighting in the church gym is the worst but I still took lots of pictures! 

Karrah and I were in charge of photos. We strung the color photos on the walls around the gym. 

Josy made the super cute centerpieces. 
Surprise!!! My dad's face in the one on the left cracks me up. I think we scared him. He really was surprised (we thought for sure one of his patients told him accidentally). We passed out noisemakers and had confetti bombs so it was quite the surprise (wish I had a video). 

Karrah and I printed a bunch of black and white photos and Josy, Karrah and I put this together Friday night. That 6 was harder to make than you would think. It looked like it said GO but we kept moving pictures around and finally got a decent looking 6. Now that I'm looking at the zero it seems kinda funky looking, but it looked great in real life! 

We had a short program (a lot of people shared nice and funny stories about dad). There was a great turnout (we think around 100 people...but maybe even more because there was a ton of people sitting around the edge of the gym). I'm glad the girls and I were able to make it down. 


Josy said...

It was such a great party and man let me tell you what a great team we are. We got it DONE!!! It was awesome having you guys over and hanging out with the kids.. Tyler loves his cousins!!!

Valerie Christensen said...

That is one thing I love about our family, Josy. We are a great team and get it done!

Valerie Christensen said...
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