Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas 2015

It is getting harder and harder for me to find the time to blog!! My new calling is in the stake primary presidency and between that and everything else on my plate, I am swamped. But I am determined to at least get the big stuff on here. 

This year we were in AZ. We toyed with the idea of visiting after Christmas, but the kids really wanted to be in AZ for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

This was on the way down (Jared and I got new phones and the camera takes pretty decent pictures. A lot of these pictures are from my phone). 
 Snuggling with Grandpa
 Going on a ride in my dad's new toy

 Decorating gingerbread houses 

Opening a present Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning. Devin got a skateboard and the girls both got scooters. 

Emily got a selfie stick and everyone had to test it out. 

Lyla loves this dog. Sadie's face in this first picture makes her look like a psycho! 

Selfie at DQ

Lyla and Adalynn were angels for our nativity. Devin was a wise man. 

Jake, Jen and Bruce as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. 
Just a few of the books Adalynn got for Christmas. 
At the Payson skate park. He is getting so good! 

Moving a safe inside....yikes! 
With great-grandpa

Going on another ride up the mountain. 

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