Wednesday, January 27, 2016


A few things that we've been up to.

  • Karrah and James came for a visit for a week. Karrah is just the best and helped me do all sorts of things---it was probably a pretty boring visit for her, but she never complained. We took a few pictures of James in the studio. Took some of Lyla too! James sure liked getting in Sadie's cage. 

  • January was a bit of a bummer for me. I finished 5 months of infertility treatments in December and sadly, it did not work. I would love another baby but the next steps are much more invasive (and expensive). I wish my body didn't suck at making babies! Four years of trying and one miscarriage and I'm feeling a bit lost as to what is next for me. I've never felt like Lyla would be our last and she starts school next year.  Silver lining...I AM glad to be off those darn fertility drugs. They made me a bit crazy and I gained a lot of weight. I already gained a lot of weight last year due to a thyroid problem so I'm hoping this year I can get back to where I was a few years ago. 
  • Devin is playing basketball. No pictures yet, but he had his first game Saturday.
  • Went ice skating

  • Jared is the new cubmaster. He cant seem to get a break from scouts! 

  • We are trying to pick our flooring. After looking for a year, I may have found the one I want. 

  • Jared's client took us out to dinner. It was the best (and definitely the most expensive) steak I've ever had. 

  • Jared took Devin to CA for a basketball game the same weekend of my dad's surprise party. He went with Brian (and Landon) and Steve (and his daughter Katie).  
  • Playing in the snow in AZ

  • I thought i would be all sweet and make Jared a Seahawks blanket for Christmas. Jared's secretary and paralegal also had the same idea. We now almost have enough for all of of to have our own (Jared's secretary and paralegal showed me up too. Their blankets are much nicer!)
  • I'm busy with my new calling. Still freaking out a little, but I'm excited to learn and grow. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad turned 60 on January 6th! My mom wanted to have a surprise party for him so we started planning one around Thanksgiving. Karrah flew into Vegas from PA with baby James and we hung out for a week. The girls, Karrah, and I left for Phoenix Friday night (Jared and Devin were in CA for a basketball game). 

First the invite, designed by the super talented Jen!

 Karrah and I made a Costco run Friday night. This was the sunset as we were leaving. AZ has the best sunsets! 

Saturday morning we went straight to the church to set up. We wanted to have it at the house but logistically we couldn't figure out how to get everyone there and decorate in the short time he would be gone. The lighting in the church gym is the worst but I still took lots of pictures! 

Karrah and I were in charge of photos. We strung the color photos on the walls around the gym. 

Josy made the super cute centerpieces. 
Surprise!!! My dad's face in the one on the left cracks me up. I think we scared him. He really was surprised (we thought for sure one of his patients told him accidentally). We passed out noisemakers and had confetti bombs so it was quite the surprise (wish I had a video). 

Karrah and I printed a bunch of black and white photos and Josy, Karrah and I put this together Friday night. That 6 was harder to make than you would think. It looked like it said GO but we kept moving pictures around and finally got a decent looking 6. Now that I'm looking at the zero it seems kinda funky looking, but it looked great in real life! 

We had a short program (a lot of people shared nice and funny stories about dad). There was a great turnout (we think around 100 people...but maybe even more because there was a ton of people sitting around the edge of the gym). I'm glad the girls and I were able to make it down. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas 2015

It is getting harder and harder for me to find the time to blog!! My new calling is in the stake primary presidency and between that and everything else on my plate, I am swamped. But I am determined to at least get the big stuff on here. 

This year we were in AZ. We toyed with the idea of visiting after Christmas, but the kids really wanted to be in AZ for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

This was on the way down (Jared and I got new phones and the camera takes pretty decent pictures. A lot of these pictures are from my phone). 
 Snuggling with Grandpa
 Going on a ride in my dad's new toy

 Decorating gingerbread houses 

Opening a present Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning. Devin got a skateboard and the girls both got scooters. 

Emily got a selfie stick and everyone had to test it out. 

Lyla loves this dog. Sadie's face in this first picture makes her look like a psycho! 

Selfie at DQ

Lyla and Adalynn were angels for our nativity. Devin was a wise man. 

Jake, Jen and Bruce as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. 
Just a few of the books Adalynn got for Christmas. 
At the Payson skate park. He is getting so good! 

Moving a safe inside....yikes! 
With great-grandpa

Going on another ride up the mountain.