Tuesday, December 22, 2015


We've been doing this for a few years. The kids love unwrapping and reading a Christmas story every night. 
Neighbor Gifts 
I bought a ton of wrapping paper from Target last year when they were on sale. Doing a non-treat worked out great because my oven broke last week and I've done zero baking/cooking since then. 

Josh made the kids stocking last year to match the ones Jared's mom made us. I love them!

I wish I had a place to hang stockings..for now a stick is going to have to do. 
Rained this month. There were rainbows everywhere.

My last newborn session of 2015
On our way to the Bellagio 

 Picking out a treat
Saw one fountain show. I like how I caught all these hearts during the show. 
Bass Pro Shop
I don't think I will ever do Bass Pro again. It has gotten so crowded. We showed up and there was a 2 hour wait to see Santa and they were already out of their fast passes. Um, no thanks! The kids still played so it wasn't a complete fail. 

Lyla before her Preschool Christmas Party 

Star Wars Day at school. Is she not the cutest Leia you've seen?!

Saw Star Wars this week. It was really, really good! 

Addie's Christmas present came early. She asked for a bird a long time ago. So we were thinking about getting her one for Christmas. Then a girl in my ward asked if anyone wanted two free birds. We got them last week. They are really cute. 
There is one boy and one girl. She named them Luke and Leia. 

The one on the right is Luke and on the left is Leia. 

I had a few friends caution me about getting a bird. They said they were annoying (loud and messy), but so far they are totally fine. (Nothing is as annoying as our dog!) I think the chirping and singing is so cute. And they are pretty friendly. 

Saw Santa at the ward Party. 

And I'll go ahead and wrap it up a few pictures of the girls. 

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Community Party/Boulder City/Ethel M

Saturday was the trifecta of Christmas events. First we went to our community party. 

After that party, we met our friends for the Boulder City Parade. 

 Then, on our way home we stopped at Ethel M to look at the lights and get  chocolate. 

Fun night! 

Side note...Sunday, our beloved Aliante ward was split. We are now a part of a brand new ward. My heart hurts thinking about leaving. I have LOVED our ward and the amazing people we have met. Our ward has truly become our family here in Vegas. I have loved my calling in the primary and don't feel ready to leave. Devin and Adalynn are also sad...they have so many great friends and not one of them will be in this new ward. I keep telling them that we will still see our friends all the time but my heart breaks for them. I had visions of Adalynn going to activity days with Courtney and Devin going to scout camp with Taysen, AJ and Landon. 

(The amazing ladies I served with and taught me so much! Ignore my swollen puffy eyes! It was an emotional last meeting!) 
I'm trying to have a good attitude. I'm hopeful our new ward will be awesome and the kids will make new friends. Oh man, change can be hard.