Tuesday, October 6, 2015

End of September

Lyla started preschool. 
Last year for comparison
Class of 2026 Photo. I need to get a shirt for Lyla so I can start this with her next year. (and should I start doing it with Devin?) 

Went up the Canyon for Memorial Day. Went on a hike, had a picnic in the meadow and rode the ski lifts. 

Made apple pie  caramel apples. I think I'll just stick with normal caramel apples (Don't get me wrong...these were really good. I guess I just like my caramel apples plain). 

Pinewood Derby. He didn't win anything, but had fun and was such a great sport.

 Bath time! 

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Sam said...

The graduation shirt actually looks like a shirt on Addie. It still looks like a dress on my girls. And Lyla looks like a redhead in that first picture of her on the hike. I've never noticed am that red in her hair before.