Monday, August 31, 2015

Steph and Emery

Stephanie and Emery's wedding was on Saturday the 15th. It was an exciting and special (and busy) day! 
Of course I took a lot of pictures...they had a great photographer and I'm very excited to see her pictures (I've seen a few already and wow! They are amazing!)
Here are a few I took before the ceremony...they had guests put gifts in the back of the truck.  
Their centerpieces

 The venue. This is in my dad's garden. They planted grass for the wedding and planted corn around it. I couldn't really picture it at first (because before this is was a patch of dirt and weeds), but it was really beautiful. It was looking really cloudy and stormy right before the ceremony. I was sure it was going to come in and pour but it didn't. It actually ended up being perfect. It cooled down a lot and the breeze was nice. It also made for some nice pictures.
Steph loves mushrooms and majored in mycology so there were a lot of mushrooms incorporated in the wedding. 
 Their ring boxes. 
Me and my sister Jen
 James, Karrah, baby James
Jen, Jake and Bruce 
Johnny, Josy, Tyler

Adalynn and Lyla were flower girls and they loved every minute of it. 

I think I found a new, really cute place for pictures. 

 Emily walking down the isle. 
I somehow missed Devin walking down the isle--he was too quick! Darn! Hopefully their photographer got one.

Steph and Dad 

The ceremony was really beautiful. Their good friend Sue officiated and did an amazing job. Their exchanged vows. All my siblings and I read a cute story about their relationship (with vegetable puns throughout). Steph and Emery looked so beautiful and happy. 

Everyone with Stephanie except Johnny (sorry Johnny! I wasn't quick enough)

Their wedding favors--strawberry jam (all made by my family) (such a cute idea right!?) 
Reception time! 
After pictures, they had a station to get appetizers and something to drink. Then they served dinner.

Giant Jenga
They had a kissing booth 

Devin and his buddy 

 Lyla was so tired at the end of the night.
I put my camera away once it got dark so I don't have any pictures of dancing or the rest of the night. But here are a few highlights I want to remember

  • Jared still has some moves (especially when you play Ice Ice Baby). 
  • Jared trying to teach Devin how to dance was adorable.
  • Their cake was so cute! It had meringue mushrooms all over it. 
  • They served 5 different kinds of pies (another really cool idea). 
  • One highlight for me was, I was able to see a lot of friends and family from my Payson days. Two of my best friend's parents (Miranda and Blair) were there, and a lot of old young women leaders were there too. My best friend Lauri, was there are we were able to catch up--isn't cool how even when you haven't seen a good friend for years, once you do see them, it is like no time has passed at all? Lauri and I became friends in 3rd grade. Really cool (and kinda crazy) that we have been friends for 26 years! And now I feel so old! 
  • And of course, being with family and celebrating Steph and Emery!!! It was a beautiful wedding and a FUN reception! 

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